View Full Version : Weird Lag

04-19-2008, 10:35 PM
I joined a Xorian Cipher party and almost as soon as it started I lagged and was then behind the rest of the party. My screen showed my toon moving and everything else standing still. By the time my screen showed the Drow Scorpian as dead, my party had entered the next part of the quest and had cleared the right side. The problem has kept up and I am still in it at the moment, dead and unable to res because my screen won't show the shrines to click on.

I am gonna finish as is for the loot, so no immediate help is necessary. However, if someone could explain to me what this is and how to avoid it, that would be awesome.

I never have lag issues and usually have near perfect latency.

EDIT Sorry, put this in the wrong place. If a mod could move it to the correct place or delete it and let me post it in the correct place, that would be excellent.