View Full Version : Shroud Completion - One Cleric Run

04-19-2008, 03:46 PM
Late on a Friday night a few friends pulled together wanting to do a Shroud run but none of us had any clerics off timer. We decided to pug out a healer or two if we could and since we had some very accomplished players we comprimised by having a couple of warforged barbarians and had the arcanes cast reconstruct and scroll heal. Raidmedic was brave enough to join for our last spot and I decided to pull back and help scroll heal as well (I even went to the auction house and bought out an acid guard robe of greater fire resistance, buyout 55k gp, not bad haha). Anyways, I don't believe Raidmedic had to use a mana pot or even a 100 heal scrolls but I think we all pulled together in a non-ideal team and showed that teamwork, preparation and experience will always win the day. I thought I'd take multiple screen caps to show some phase 5 progression.


Thanks to all who came along it was so much fun to have beaten it in only 70 mins (minus 3-5 for a real sloppy group picture) with minimal resources used. The raid can be difficult for a lot of people but if you never have a chance to complete it successfully very often because its a challenge, you'll never know how to make it easier if you don't keep trying! Of course if you don't mind blowing a lot of resources you could always try what my guildy Hangover was willing to do with 11 melee and one bard as a healer, check out the forum thread (http://forums.ddo.com/showthread.php?t=141385) or just look at this pic.