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04-19-2008, 08:05 AM
I haven't played DDO since a couple months after release, meaning that I am essentially a newbie again who just happens to have several characters in the lvl 7-9 range (I have no idea if their builds are still effective or not with the various changes since I left). I'm planning to start a new character, likely a pal/cle, to refamiliarize myself with the game and then I can go from there in deciding whether or not any of my old characters are worth saving.

I remember how often grouping was needed to explore all the content of the game, and I assume this hasn't changed, so I need a bit of direction in finding colleagues/a guild I can run with. I'm a massage therapist and work odd hours, so it's always been difficult in the past for me to find regular groups to work with. I'm off Monday, Thursday and Friday and am capable of playing all day. Tuesday and Wednesday I can play a good bit in the morning (I'm in the Mountain time zone), and Saturday I can play early morning and a bit more late night. Sunday is mostly a lost cause, with just the late night available.

As for me, I'm 33, married, and relatively easy going. When I get in game I like to get moving and doing stuff. I've been accused of being a "rusher" in the past but I mainly just play a lot and love to see new things and experience new content. I am not a huge roleplayer but I'm always throwing in little tidbits and "in character" comments. Basically, I just tend to adjust to the gamestyles of the people around me. I am fully capable of rushing and love mastering all the tactics needed to clear an area, but I also love to see and experience everything, so again, whatever works for the group works for me.

Anyway, that's my situation. Any help finding a guild, or just some people who play similar times, would be much appreciated. It's fairly intimidating looking at the game now that it's so much more developed (as is the community) so it would be nice to find some people I can work with.

Thanks in advance for any recommendations. :D (Oh yeah, I also have a tendency to overuse smileys)

04-22-2008, 10:04 PM
Hi Atzya,

Our guild has a tonne of new players in the L1-5 range, as well as many older players who have rerolled new characters to help the new players out. We're always recruiting, and always willing to help. If you're interested, check us out at the website below or send one of our players a tell when you're next online.

See you in Stormreach!