View Full Version : Pally/Sorc Build

04-16-2008, 12:42 PM
Need a Little advice, but first off wanted to make a Pally/sorc made one at the start of the game and just got back so wanted to give em another try. Not to sure of lvls yet but a 8/8 split looks all right but might go 6/10 pally/sorc.

My question is what race(28 pnt) Drow's stats look the best imo 15/14/12/10/8/18 but I tend to like being a WF or Dwarf, and Human maybe for the extra feat and ok stats same as drow but 16 cha.

But as a Dwarf I would have alot of extra hp from the dwarf ench and pally, and dwarfs have alot of good ench and the Axe bonus to attack and damage.