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04-15-2008, 11:01 AM
We've decided that Talish's cause deserves a little recognition in this week's Thread of the Week.

For the past few months, she and many other players have set up a program which helps out new players through mentoring, guidance and gifting.

Check out the latest objectives here:

Congrats Talish, and the rest of her crew!

04-16-2008, 02:51 AM
Nice to see Talish get some recognition, she has been doing this a long time. I'd also like to add my appreciation, I know the style many play now drives away many new players and it's actions like this that help our game grow and flourish.

04-17-2008, 09:33 PM
Yeah, this is a real good thing. Keep it up everyone!

04-18-2008, 02:58 AM
DRAGON was devoted to this cause, and caught HEAVY flack for it. Due to this flack endlessly, the guild leader eventually left and the guild fell apart.

The clerics began leaving Mabar until the server was deserted. The same crowd of powergamers remained, opressing and insulting new people everywhere, starkly opressing free thought and new tactics. I can name most of the people doing this. They belong to two rather old guilds. One starts with a G. The other starts with an R. G&R. ROCK ON BABY! I digress.

Mabar was hanging on by a thread, nothing more. People refused to quit, despite at one point for a 3 hour period the only cleric being on the server a capped and permagrouped cleric. Argonessen is showing the same disorder.

WE NEED MORE NEWBIES!! Srsly u guise, srsly.

04-18-2008, 12:52 PM
I'm not especially new to DDO playing, bout 2 months, mostly on weekends and some weekdays because of work, although I'm just now really getting into the forums. I'm having trouble understanding some of the threads though because of certian acronyms. I'll list below, and if anyone can not be too frustrated with me, please help me by letting me know what they mean. I'm a level 9 Pally, and I love the Paladin. I'm the leader of a guild, or co-leader, with Tylek on Thelanis, named Hell's Bell's. We started it because we both joined at the same time relatively, and in our respective quest to find a good guild and build in-game friendships, guild events, questers, friends, etc...we kept lacking, eventually finding each other in a guild, now we have this one. We're based on the premise of other MMORPG guilds, in that we are trying to get people from all time zones, having an officer for each, having guild events (quests, etc) Guild bank to help new toons, Helping newbies (whom we regularly try to recruit) and that sort of thing. We're not large by anyones means, but we're trying. So if ya'll can help me/us out...it would be great.

Threat (not acronym I know)
Crit range (nother not acronym, but what is it?)

There are a few others, but I don't remember.

04-18-2008, 01:17 PM
TWF: two-weapon fighting (referring to either the style or the feats--ITWF GTWF for improved and greater versions of the latter)
WotA: Way of the Assassin rogue enhancement
WotM: Way of the Mechanic rogue enhancement
UMD: Use Magic Device (the skill)
Threat (not acronym I know): if you roll within a weapon's threat range (see below) when attacking a monster, there is a chance to score a critical hit. You then roll a second time, and if the second roll (an attack basically) would hit the monster, then you score a critical hit. For example: you are wielding a longsword with a threat/crit range of 19-20 that deals x2 damage on a critical hit. If you were to roll a 20 on the die, you auto-hit, and then roll again...you roll a 2 +bonuses, but miss and deal normal damage. Now, if you had rolled a 10+bonuses, and that would hit, you deal your double damage vs. most creatures (undead and oozes, etc... are immune to this). Thus, a threat is the chance to score a crit.
Crit range (nother not acronym, but what is it?): this is the range in which you may roll to score a threat (18-20 on a rapier or falchion, 19-20 on a longsword or shortsword or 20 on an axe or bow). Generally, weapons with only a 20 crit range tend to deal more damage on a critical hit (not always the case but often)--axes deal x3 damage and picks x4.