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04-08-2008, 01:02 AM
Note before you go to futher that im using this to vent about something that happened in another forum and not knocking anyone here for this but the situation can be used for these forums to. People take things waay to seriously now adays. Its getting to the point where subjects that are supposed to be for humor only are being taken down by people who have nothing else better to do I guess.

So heres the tale:

Ugh tonight cant sleep it normally happens when I have to get up early. I figured instead of grinding it out on game since Id probably not get to far with my high level and not really in the mood to run the lowbie stuff again (did that most of the afternoon) that id read the forums im a member of. Of course im reading this one, getting great laughs at some, shaking my head at some others but thats the norm. Then I go to my email see that another forums I belong to that revolves around an Anime show ive loved for years has some fun thread in the off topic section. I go give my two cents then go about my buisness reading more posts on this forums. Get an email that someone responded and its a supposed solider guy who had to inform me that my opinion on the matter was not right because the animated characters were a team, and just like he and his unit would pull together against a bad guy these "magically enhanced females who throw hearts at their enemies" would win over a comic book family. Fine when he first said it I was like maybe but dude who cares its my opinion and its a freaking cartoon show not real soldiers. He had to reiterate again how soliders even when they vary on opinion or argue work together as a team. And im still like..um yeah but you do realize were talking about a cartoon where the girls blush at boys, cry alot and bicker right? Maybe I dont get it since both of us are adults (at least thats what his age thing says he could be lying cause lord knows that goes on) But at 30 I dont see myself continuing an argument over a cartoon with anyone.

Now I know what some are thinking this is beyond geeky, but It just cheeses me how someone can take something thats supposed to be off topic, and try to spark an argument using their own personal life to do so...I could have been a smart ass and said "hey im sure your fellow jarheads would really like being compared to a team of girls who throw magic at enemies bicker and cry. but I left it alone, dont need forum drama. But it just bugged the heck out of me that some people only life to take a non serious topic and turn it into a heated debate when its not neccessary. Now I said my peice why I thought the girls would lose, he had to take it personally as if I had said it about him and his fellow men. I just dont get it, I wonder what drives people to behave this way? Especially in a magical school girl forums lol.