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04-06-2008, 05:51 PM
The options that are available to DDO are nearly limitless. I just took the PvP survey and it led me to want to give some input into what id like to see added to DDO from a gamers perspective.
First and foremost id like to see new classes added. some that id like to see are the monk and druid (from Players handbook 3.5), ninja and spell thief (from complete adventurer 3.5), the warlock and warmage (from complete arcane 3.5), the psion, psi warrior, soul knife, and wilder (all from complete psionics handbook 3.5) and most importanlty is the ARTIFICER (from the eberron campain setting 3.5).
Second id like to see new spells and feats. When i play the table top version of DnD i use nealry all the spells and feats from the complete arcane, complete divine, complete adventurer, complete arcane spellbook, book of vile darkness, libris mortis, and book of exalted deeds. I wouls realy like to see the lesser, normal, and greater versions of orbs of acid, fire, ice, VILE SPELLS, and the bigbys force spells.
Third id like to see some new playable races added. You cant have eberron without the shifters can you? Some half-giants, wisper gnomes, dream dwarvesyu-unti pure bloods, elans, day walkers, blood scions, and the plane touched varations of core races would also add some spice to the lay of the land too.
Fourth id like to see prestige classes thrown in. They are one of the greatest ways to personize your character and pick up some great and fun abilities too. The main ones id like to see are the assassin, blackguard, herophaint (and arcane caster version), dervish, master thrower, blood mage, seeker of the song, initate of the seven fold veil, and if the druid is added war shaper and master of many forms. A nice way to tie them in would be through the houses weapon masters. Make them only available if the player has sufient repuation with that house and then only if he gains the blessing of the house master through a series of tasks and quests.
Fifth id like to see templates available in player creation. Like the dark template from the book of darkness, lycanthrope, fiendish, half demon/devil/angel, and the saint hood template too (from book of elaxted deeds 3.5). And as a further detail to player creation id like to see flaws and streghnts added in. Something like arachnophobia as a personal flaw (automaticly afraid in the presence of spiders) for a stregh like E.S.P. (can detect incopeal and ethereal creatures with spot checks)
Lastly id like to see schools of combat and wizadry added in. They are from the path of warrior/rouge/wizard/ and have some nice abilities in them. One is called the razor fiend and while training in it you gain some nice abilites for use with daggers. It does cost gold and take time to train so that can be assest as long quest chains to gain the ability and stiff prices for the right to even get the quest in the first place.
Well, those are the ideas i have in my head and would love to see brought to DDO. I relize it takes great amounts of time to program even the smallest change into the game but i think with some of these it would add a depht to stormreach that would surpass world of warcraft in many ways.