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04-02-2008, 07:06 AM
I haven't played much of the bruiser classes, mostly cleric or wiz. But I was thinking about giving it a try. I have plenty of tomes, some +6 items, but no raid loot to use. This is kind of what I think I want to try:

Lawful Good

STR 14 + (1tome3levelups6bracers) = 24
DEX 16 + (1tome6boots1rogue2halfling) = 26
CON 13 + (1tome6belt) = 20
INT 9 + (1tome) = 10
WIS 12 + (1tome) = 13
CHA 14 + (1tome1paladin6cloak) = 22

Least DM
Lesser DM
Greater DM
Improved Crit Slashing

Skills: focus on UMD (and jump)

Enhancements: Focus on Stats, Auras, Dragon Marks, Saves

Equipment: holy, flaming and wounding weapons, admantium shields, light armor naturally, a helm of heroism ml5

Questions in my mind: How will this toon play from level6-12? Will AC and HP be acceptable? Will the To Hit and damage be passable or will I be too weak to draw attention. Will Intimidate be high enough to overcome the size penalty? Pretty sure the healing and saves will be great. Will I enjoy fighting (defensively), healing, and buffing (by my mere presence)? Or will I wish I was playing a cleric again?

04-02-2008, 10:10 AM
With a halfling Holy Avenger Build you do not need to go so high with Dex, I went max strength instead (only lose 1 pt of damage, to hit stays the same) and still had enough dex to max out KDS max dex +6 (or +5 mith Chainshirt Max dex+6) while wearing the daggertooths belt (allowing another +2 to max dex bonus, have a high wisdom 14 with no item and favor tome, and a cha of 24 (26 with a +2 tome I ate); 10 intell for skill points and starting con of 9 +1tome +6 item, toughness, GFL ect 385ish hp. You could easily take some points from wisdom and add to con to beef up the HP, or plan on less dex and dont use a dagger tooth belt...just my 2 cents. If you like dex build then your numbers look fine... as to using dragonmarks on a halfling Paladin, they are over kill, I recommend against this iunless it is for flavor or RP purposes because cmw wands are cheap, paladins can heal and get enhancements that allow for a super heal.