View Full Version : Initial Thoughts

03-30-2008, 08:51 PM
Me and my son decided to forgo the trial, and just purchase the digital download of the software. So we paid and did not receive a product key or an email with a download link or anything. So, we were like ???? its been 3 hours at this point. I was able to goto the knowledge base and download the software. I still dont have a product key. Well wait, I take that back, I did the 10 day free trial, and got a key. Otherwise, I couldnt create an account, DUH!

So tell me, what did I get for my $15??? At this point and as far as I can tell, nothing. So essentially, if I want get a monthly subscription its only $10.. oh thats right, I get 30 days of free gameplay! HAH!

Im relatively savvy with this here computer thing, and well versed in web technologies, and I would have to say, thumbs down to the sign up, registration, and purchasing process. It is a huge turn off, and we haven't even tried the game yet. Im just amazed at how complicated such a simple process should be.

Has anyone ever considered how much growth this hinders? In my world we would call this fallout!

Just my 2cents, I hope the next 40 days makes us forget about the horrific experience in signing up.