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03-30-2008, 10:14 AM
There are a few things that bug me ranger,rouges,pals. Each have ablity/spells but also lack something. Since we are not pnp and it would realy hinder some to take a feat to increase a spell skill. I was wondering if you could make these changes.

For are beloved rouges who get no love. The ablity to set traps. like maybe a con 1d4-6 or hazzard trap ablity (like rangers get empt) nothing to powerfull just something that would give them more fun. Rearm a trap and use are it was his.

Rangers move the lvl 2 spells snare and spike grouth to a 5th or 4th lvl spell since maxing out wise or taken highten would be a waist. Yes I know there is no 5th but this is not pnp. Tracking skill feat would be nice to see path of the pray we are hunting would be nice for better kill zone set ups. getting 3rd spell at lower lvl would help to since maxing out at 3 kinda dose stink 4 would be good. Incressing damige from spike grouth from 1d4 to 2-3 1d4 or lettting the range dev add to damige of it would make it a better spell. Toneing down that spell to since it can totaly block your sight in it or give it a conselment + like 10%. Last is taken the race em enhancement to use emp on ele and verm counts towrds your reg emp since it is a taken and feat I would like to see it have its own counter and yes I took 2 extra emps for total of 5.

Pals sorry never played one so u guys need to input for it but would like to see u with more spells.

I only play rangers so I pritty much know how to fine tune them pritty well but these few things I think would help alot.

03-30-2008, 10:46 AM
Here's a thought.

If you roll, say, +10 above the minimum needed to disable a trap, the trap no longer does damage to your party, but will continue to damage any monsters that run through it.

Oh pls pls pls add that in. :p

03-30-2008, 10:49 AM
I was kinda thinking like those gongs how u can stay onthem and hit them to make them go off afther u kill or taken care of the guy who was on it.Its yours to rearm and use.