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03-27-2008, 10:55 PM
Shouldn't this article and the articles under it be made as categories? We cannot change what is on the front page, so I came here to suggest that it be changed. Currently, you have to hand edit in a link to a character or guild, which would get messy in a hurry. For starters, if two people go to add their character to the same server at the same time, whoever submits their change first will most likely get over-ridden, their character no longer showing up in the list. Furthermore, it makes keeping the data organized a lot more of a chore, as things would either have to be left unsorted past what server guilds or characters are on or they would need an unnecessarily large amount of hand sorting.

Please, Turbine, can you switch these to categories. An example would be:


[[Category:Guild and Character listings by server]]

[[Category:Guilds by Server]]

[[Category:Argonnessen (guilds)]]
[[Category:Ghallanda (guilds)]]
[[Category:Khyber (guilds)]]
[[Category:Sarlona (guilds)]]
[[Category:Thelanis (guilds)]]
[[Category:Risia (guilds)]]

[[Category:Characters by Server]]

[[Category:Argonnessen (characters)]]
[[Category:Ghallanda (characters)]]
[[Category:Khyber (characters)]]
[[Category:Sarlona (characters)]]
[[Category:Thelanis (characters)]]
[[Category:Risia (characters)]]

While I know Categories don't necessarily need to make a tree, a tree would work well here, since guilds and characters are mutually exclusive. I think this is a much more efficient way of organising this data, and I hope that this will be considered.

EDIT: I tested out our capabilities as regular users to implement this change, and failed. Hopefully Turbine will see this and consider it as a possibility.