View Full Version : Attention ALL Warforged!

03-26-2008, 06:28 PM
Ever wondered what it would be like to venture with a party of all WF, with no Fleshy’s to bother you, or whining because you don’t have “Healer’s Friend” and are using up all there Mana and Wands? :p

Well look no further. The All Warforged ( http://forums.ddo.com/showthread.php?t=118755) dedicated group on Sarlona is looking to fill one spot on team.

We are a great group of Players… all for one type…no zerging and NO FLESHY’S :D light RP but don't let that scare ya away..lot of fun if you have not ever tried.

We are currently level’s 6-8. Check out the above link to learn more about us and if it sounds interesting give me a shout, by PM or in-game via ”Evasion” we meet up on Sunday’s 8pm EST Sarlona. Quest till about 10-11pm .

Don’t be shy. It’s a lot of fun and a full WF party ROCKS!

Below is our current team

Evasion, 5th lvl wizzy / 3rd lvl Rogue
Arbelest, 7th lvl Cleric / 1st lvl fighter
Tenma Cyran, 8th lvl Wizard
Maximilien Bazad-Kun, 7th lvl fighter / 1st lvl Barb
Coldbone, 6th lvl Wizard