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03-18-2008, 12:03 PM
Hey All-

I'm back from OTS and now I can update the CGMG! If you've updates to your current listing or have a guild that would like to be listed, please follow the guidelines in the Sticky and PM me or Post in THIS Thread!

*NEW!* The Heralds Category is open for votes! All nominations must be from separate guilds and account for 15 votes or roughly 25% of the Home Server's Current Guild Count, whichever comes first. Please place nominations on the Home Server's Forum and link it to a thread in the Guild Matchup Forums! There are Five Heralds Categories. Please review the definition before nominating a guild for a Herald Title. If you've any questions on whether a guild would qualify for a Title Nomination, do not hesitate to PM Kistilan and ask.

Below are some current guidelines. For a complete overview of guidelines to Guild Types/Categories and Time Zone/Locations, check out the CGMG Sticky. Please note that the FIRST Guild Type you list (if you pick a set of guild types) will be the variable that places you into one of the five Categories. Feel free to mix and match Guild Types, but only the first one will be the determining factor under which Category you fall under The Categorical Guild Matchup Guildlistings Thread. (http://forums.ddo.com/showthread.php?t=124102)

Example Guild Format:
Guild Name: Relics of the Last War, The
Server Listing: Argonnessen
Guild Leader: Kistilan (http://forums.ddo.com/member.php?u=6548)
Guild Type: Master/Apprentice, Tactical/Strategic, Casual
Guild Time Zone: Weekends EST Dusk to Dawn & Week Days EST Mornings
Guild Slogan: "We are but Shadows and Dust."

NOTICE: The first guild type entry is the primary emphasis of the guild and will allocate the guild within the corresponding guild category for sorting purposes.

Guildlisting References: Below are some finer points including an explanation on Guild Categories, Guild Types, and Guild Time Zones to keep everything in a standardized format.

Guild Categories: Below are all the categories by which every guild will be sorted.

Explorers: These guilds are free-thinkers and radically different from typical power-gamer guilds.
Power-Gamers: These guilds are methodical and goal-driven.
Role Players: These guilds are primarily interested in fictional story or rules.
Socialites: These guilds are primarily established as social networks and large groupings of friends or acquaintances.
Specialists: These guilds focus on a speciality or specific requirements to join.
Guild Types: Here is a working list of guild types and what category each guild type falls within the CGMG.

Explorers: Casual. Innovative Game Play. Experimental. Master/Apprentice.
Power-Gamers: Power Gamer. Min/Max. Tactical/Strategic. Zergers. Raiders. Loot-Mongers.
Role Players: Role-Play. Events and Contests. Perma-Death. Etc.
Socialites: G/PG. PG-13. R/NC17. Adults-Only. Family-Enviro. Just Friends. Player Versus Player (PVP). Urban. Suburban. Rural.
Specialists: Race-Only (DDO Races). Class-Only (DDO Classes). Military-Only. Language/Nationality-Centric ie "French." Region/Country-Centric ie "Australian/England/The Brits' Isles."
Guild Time Zone: State the primary location of guild members and the times they play ie CST, Oceanic, EST, GST, PST, GMT, Europa, Global; and the times Mornings, Afternoons, Evenings, Dusk to Dawn, Random, Weekends, Weekdays, Holidays, etc.