View Full Version : green steel wearable upgrade question

03-17-2008, 05:19 PM
Can I:

Take +10hp, +1 con skill (e) at tier 1
Take +15hp, +2 dex skill (a) at tier 2 thus get balance of land and sky for +11 balance


Take +20hp, +3 con skill (e) twice at tier 3 to get the moderate good guard.

Basically, can you do a dual supreme that does not mimic your tier 1 & 2 upgrades? (I know the +20 hp from the 2 tier 3 upgrades won't stack.)

(This is for a battle bard and I'm looking to up his HP, along with something else useful at the same time. I'll keep the mino legion on even with this item, so I'll have heavy fort and those HP as well.)

Thanks. :)