View Full Version : Build your own Monk

03-12-2008, 03:35 PM
It occured to me that maybe I could build my own monk now instead of waiting for Turbine.

weapon Focus Bludgeon includes unarmed attack.
So does weapon finesse.

Improved trip
Stunning blow
....things like that.

I've decided that tonight, I will make one or two versions of one....on a second account and on a server I don't usually play on. Just to mess around, and not devote an imprortant char slot to it.

But I'm looking for some build ideas.

I'm thinking WF 18Str for the boxer version
And 1/2ling for the dex naked version........(the naked version is the one I'd rather build for the shock factor....doing quests without armor or weapons......but the WF Boxer seems like a better buld IMO)

I'm thinking 2lvls of Rog in a serious Monk type build.....but mostly Ftr. Some Divine spell casting power might be cool.

Looking for sugestions....especially for feats that can be used unarmed and monk-like!

03-16-2008, 12:45 AM
Just a quick thought: My 16th level 44 Strength barbarian does about 25 points on a normal punch and 50-60 points on a crit. Tested this while playing around in PvP with a friend. No idea about crit range, attack bonus, attack per round or any of that. Also the DC on his Stunning Blow is a 26 with that strength. Maybe this is more the brutish monk. :-)