View Full Version : back after 6 months - feats for my UMD/evasion Pal 11/Rog 2/Ftr 1?

03-12-2008, 10:05 AM
I'm thinking about coming back after a 6-month break and I've been looking over my characters and trying to decide where to go next. This pally has been my main for a long time and has undergone numerous tweaks. Before I left, I ran all the Gianthold stuff on elite and this character really held its own. I want to end up Pal 11/Rog 3/Ftr 2.

Here's where I stand currently:

1 Pal 1 1 1 Weapon Focus (slash) Power Attack
2 Pal 2
3 Pal 3 1 Toughness
4 Pal 4
5 Pal 5
6 Pal 6 1 Mental Toughness
7 Pal 7
8 Pal 8
9 Pal 9 1 Imp Crit (slash)
10 Pal 10
11 Rog 1
12 Rog 2 1 Extend Spell
13 Ftr 1 1 Dodge
14 Pal 11
15 Ftr 2 1 1 ? ?
16 Rog 3

I'll get 2 feats at level 15 (one must be fighter). Here are some that I'm considering:

EWP: Khopesh - My DPS could certainly use a boost. The problem is I don't have any khopeshes. My main weapon is a +4 shocking burst kukri of righteousness.
Mobility/Spring Attack - I can take both at level 15.
Skill Focus: UMD - My UMD is already very high without it (I forget the exact number but I have no problem using res scrolls).
Stunning Blow - For some added crowd control. However, my Str isn't super-high (24) and I won't have access to the strategy enhancements so I wonder how effective this will be.
Toughness - I took Toughness once already have the pally toughness enhancements. I have 260 hp's with Virtue at level 14.

Any comments would be appreciated. Thanks!

03-13-2008, 12:46 PM
I would suggest looking at my Paladin Build Guide (Link in Sig)... while everything isn't updated for L16 yet, it gives you an idea of what the build can/should look like.