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03-09-2008, 01:57 PM
currently I'm playing on Thelanis Server with my new Main, "Xubuntu Linux"
a Male WF Bar1/Rog1/Wiz* (Created as Rog)
I'm very happy with the way this unusual build is turning out. :D

so I join an STK Elite group. I was 3rd in party. eventually we get 6 players.
passed the first 2 parts with little to no problem.
we got to the fire trap room in the last part.
I start prep'n for the run; Trap Blast Goggles (got em on STK: Norm much earlier before this run), Fire Resist, False Life, Expeditious Retreat, Fox Cunning (Intel for Insightful Reflexes), Rage (More HP), Barb Speed boost.
had 86(+13) life; and 70% runspeed. (^_^)
I saved through the fire traps and got hit by the spikes (down to 4 life) and made it to the other side.
I dismiss rage, put on my Disable Device Goggles, hit the rouge skill boost after waiting for the barb speed boost to cool down cuz both barb speed boost and rouge skill boost lock up with a cool down at the same time :s
begin disabling the trap. I roll a 18+20 and the panel blew up in my face killing me. ***?!
2 party members immediately recalled and disbanded. >:(
the cleric then attempts to chase after my stone and dies in the very last fire trap. (SO CLOSE)
the ranger attempts the run and dies a bit short of the cleric's stone.
the pally runs a complete different way and makes it to the other side and carries my stone to the shrine.
I go back, prep for the fire traps and grab the other 2 stones, carry to the shrine.
the cleric then lags out. we wait a good 7 minutes before booting him out and putting up an LFM.
another cleric then joins our party, only to die by the failed-to-disable fire trap room, and leaves party.
so there we are, just the 3 of us on STK: Elite and not about to give up hope; We've come too far to turn back now.
we get to the the end boss.
got into positions for the gate method.
for some odd reason, he got stuck in the water and couldn't move.
I start firing scorching ray at him, draining my mana pool.
he gets to about 52% life.
the pally hands me 2 mana elixers and I fire off 3 more shots.
the ranger hands me a MM wand and I get him down to 13% life when the charges ran out.
I look in my inventory for anything that could help and find a MM(3rd) wand.
I used that and killed him.

a party of 3, levels 5-6 had successfully beaten STK: Elite.
nobody got a FF ring but the victory in the face of defeat was more then enough reward.

--just a story to share, NEVER GIVE UP.

03-09-2008, 05:12 PM
Good work. STK Elite is brutal now - IMO it's tougher by far than Stormcleave Normal, probably about the same difficulty as SC Hard.

The level 5-7 of the quests is really misleading, so good job.

04-08-2008, 06:22 AM
It was difficult, infuriating at times, but I like tenacity.

All my characters (I don't call them toons) have you friend listed, as it is quite fun to run with you.

04-08-2008, 07:22 AM
uhm...what is a "bar"....bard or barbarian? :D

(and yes, I did see the "barb speed boost"...)

04-10-2008, 08:59 PM
No offence meant in this post. The first 2 parts can be quite troublesome on elite with lower level toons. But doing part 3 on elite and the giant bugs out? I wouldn't be to proud of that. Taking him on with 3 people and he's swinging away now that would be somethign to be proud of.