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03-07-2008, 04:45 AM
i decided to download the free trial account of DDO and try it for a night. i absolutly enjoyed it.
so (me having the trial account) i decided to go ahead and pay 15 bucks for my first month.
but wait--!!
i have apparently bought the download? my account info says that i have BOUGHT the 15 dollar download, but why the hell would i want to do that? i want out of the damn trial account and have a FULL account!! if i downloaded it already, and my account STILL says trial... (started march 6)and it says it ends march 17th..... then what did i pay for? if i ALREADY downloaded the game, how can they CHARGE me for BUYING the download??
someone please make sense out of all this.

also, step-by-step of what i did;
1) (pay 9.99) clicked on "click here"
2) went to turbine. myaccount
3) logged in
4) where the account info is (where it shows trial account) i pressed BUY IT NOW
5) went through the billing info....
6) paid for..... well..... what the hell is the ddo downloader?

why would i want to buy a download thats a;ready DOWNLOADED to my comp? and if this ISNT the case, am i just not going to see where i paid until my trial account has ended?

03-07-2008, 09:18 AM
You don't have to re-download. You have purchased an activation key/product key (I always forget which term Turbine uses :o) that you use to upgrade your trial account to a subscription account. And when you upgrade, you get 30 days gametime included.

If you have not entered the product key, then you will not see it applied to your account. When you enter the product key and subscribe, you should see the "next billing" date change to include the 30 free days (and your status upgraded from Trial to Subscription).

03-07-2008, 09:40 AM
Correct. You purchased the "Digital Download" which in this case substitutes for the retail version of the game that you would need in order to upgrade to a full retail account with the ability to have a subscription and continue past the trial time.

Your subscription will still show as Trial on the billing website until your first payment is made and you are officially within your billing plan. This will not happen until after the free 30 days that come with buying the game.