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03-05-2008, 05:15 PM
any ideas for rouge/monk builds

03-05-2008, 08:14 PM
was just thinking the same but may have to wait till more details on monks are released.

1st thought is 11 monk/5 rogue and for once I might skip the trap monkey skills entirely

going spot, balance, tumble, umd .... and really bumping up reflex saves

maybe some 2 weapon fighting if i can get it in.

03-07-2008, 06:14 AM

Character Plan by DDO Character Planner Version 2.85
DDO Character Planner Home Page (http://www.rjcyberware.com/DDO)

Level 16 Lawful Neutral Human Male
(15 Rogue \ 1 Ranger)
Hit Points: 118
Spell Points: 0
BAB: 12\12\17\22
Fortitude: 7
Reflex: 17
Will: 7

Starting Ending
Base Stats Base Stats
Abilities (Level 1) (Level 16)
Strength 12 12
Dexterity 16 20
Constitution 10 10
Intelligence 14 14
Wisdom 14 14
Charisma 8 8

Starting Ending
Base Skills Base Skills
Skills (Level 1) (Level 16)
Balance 7 22
Bluff -1 -1
Concentration 0 0
Diplomacy -1 -1
Disable Device 6 19
Haggle 3 16
Heal 2 2
Hide 7 23
Intimidate -1 -1
Jump 5 18
Listen 2 2
Move Silently 7 23
Open Lock 7 23
Perform n/a n/a
Repair 2 2
Search 6 19
Spot 6 19
Swim 1 1
Tumble 7 22
Use Magic Device 3 14

Notable Equipment
Helm: Mask of the Asylum
Dagger: +5 Wounding Adamantine Dagger of Pure Good
Dagger: +5 Flaming Burst Silver Dagger of Backstabbing
Ring: Health Ring of Elvenkind
Ring: Dextrous Ring of Resistance
Goggles: Goggles of Intuition
Goggles: Sandstorm Glasses
Necklace: Jorgundal’s Collar
Trinket: Bloodstone
Cloak: Accomplice
Belt: Belt of Brute Strength
Boots: Gyroscopic Boots of Striding
Boots: Kundarak Delving Boots
Bracers: Ventilated Bracers

Level 1 (Rogue)
Feat: (Selected) Nimble Fingers
Feat: (Human Bonus) Two Weapon Fighting

Level 2 (Monk)
Feat: (Monk Abilities) AC Bonus
Feat: (Monk Abilities) Flurry of Blows

Level 3 (Rogue)
Feat: (Selected) Weapon Finesse

Level 4 (Rogue)
Ability Raise: DEX

Level 6 (Rogue)
Feat: (Selected) Skill Focus: Disable Device

Level 8 (Rogue)
Ability Raise: DEX

Level 9 (Rogue)
Feat: (Selected) Improved Two Weapon Fighting

Level 11 (Rogue)
Feat: (Rogue Bonus) Improved Evasion

Level 12 (Rogue)
Ability Raise: DEX
Feat: (Selected) Skill Focus: Search

Level 15 (Rogue)
Feat: (Selected) Skill Focus: Open Lock

I didnt really want to multiclass to deeply if at all. I kept monk to at one lvl because thre build will become more monk than rouge. The only enhancement trees i suggest are basic rouge ones of coarse but Way of the Assasin and Subtle Backstaber, Sneak Attack Training, or Sneak Attack Accuracy. If you have 32 point builds if you go with Subtle Backstabber I suggest butting the 4 points into wisdom to make that 16, if your more concerned about traps then go with intelligence, I am personally go with strength and Sneak Attack Training. Good luck and if you want to know more about ninjas go here (http://www.askaninja.com/).

03-14-2008, 11:08 PM
My ninja must be awsome cause no one said it was for n00bs lol
they know better than to mess with ninjas