View Full Version : Made it to Meridia

03-04-2008, 09:25 PM
Yeah I know who hasnt been there like 4 million times. For me its a 1st, I had a lot of trouble early on because I didnt know how to get in the place...... there was just this big white wall with no doors. Then I saw the walkway, I have a fighter with a few barb levels who runs really fast a make a break for it..... he made it and got his feat wet with a group doing Running with devils.

He was able to handle the devils and do very well, doesnt take much damage at all. I now have a good idea of how tough they are and how to get in and am confident that my characters will be able to add something to a group in the Vale.

I should be raid ready in a week or 2 I imagine.

I think Ill do well as a fighter or a cleric for now sadly my mixed casters dont cut the mustard for Meridia but beware my impending re-roll.......
he will be benchmarked for Meridia and woo be the devild when he gets there.

Thnx to the guild that let me tag along on your run (the name slips me atm will add later) ... see not all puggers are bad. No stupid mistakes quest ran like butter on normal and hard.