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03-01-2008, 01:21 PM
I have created a tutorials channel on YouTube.

This is sort of a cross-post, but I was informed that this might be a more suitable location than the original post in the general forums, I'm sorry if this offends. There isn't much, but i'll be adding more content as I go. I hope this is helpful.

http://www.youtube.com/user/DDOTutorials for the main channel or:
Speed Runs Playlist: http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=37F1CFF2A3E50F35 (only one so far)
General Tutorials (non quest-specific): http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=C038DA7E3B62F99E

To create a place for us to share DDO information in a digital video format. YouTube and other services are often used by players of other MMOs to divulge information.

But, shouldn't we let experience guide us?
Simply put, no. Many players don't have time to struggle with some portions of this game. While some player's style would dictate that they do not seek out-of-game assistance for any part of the game, other players might be able to enjoy the game more if the "trade secrets" of DDO are explained to them in a friendly, informative, over-the-shoulder manner.

What kind of information?
Anything that would be helpful to demonstrate. How to do a particular quest and where the traps are. Good strategies for beating bosses. Speed run demonstrations that show the best path to take and which monsters can be skipped. Stealth guides for how best to utilize stealth/invisibility to bypass portions of quests. Demonstrations of how to solo content that isn't easy to solo. Tricks that are useful for overcoming the odds, and videos that demonstrate helpful techniques for a given class.

Why Video?
Because some of us learn visually, and because video often divulges the nuances of how things are done. Also, some people have time to watch a 5-8 minute video without loading the DDO client. Since the videos have a text section, textual information can also be used.

Why are you posting it here?
For a couple of reasons.
1) To share what little DDO knowledge I have with the public at large and
2) We need your help to make this youtube channel useful! I'm not a DDO pro! I don't have time to run every quest in the game and figure out the fastest ways to do it. None of us do! Those more experienced than myself could surely contribute to this and create something that everyone could benefit from.

How can you contribute?
Easily, download and install Taksi, an open source video recording software from: http://taksi.sourceforge.net/. Does not record sound (which might be helpful in some cases), but, there are other alternatives. Use trial GameCam, or buy it, or FRAPS works as well. You could even use Camtasia Studio. Simply load one of these programs, get into DDO, start your quest, and record. When done, upload to your own youtube channel, and send a message to the youtube user DDOTutorials containing the link to your video. I'll favorite the video and add it to the channel for everyone to enjoy.

In all, I recorded and uploaded the first video that you see there in about 10 minutes... so with a 30 minute investment of installing the software, learning it, and creating the youtube channel, you can be on the road to plopping out informative videos any time you have a spare few minutes, and the way the programs work, it's as easy as pressing the "start recording" key twice, uploading to youtube whatever file your software creates in the meantime, and typing up a short description of what exactly you're doing in the video.

Why should I give my secrets to you so that you can just skip game content/know where all the traps are/etc etc etc?
You shouldn't. If you feel like your hard-earned secrets aren't something you'd like to share, simply don't bother replying .

Isn't this bad for players to "skip" game content?
While there is some merit to the claim that someone who speeds through the levels misses a lot of the fun of the game, in many cases, a player who does not speed through at least some of the content, may NEVER see any of the higher content. I personally think that sucks, because I like this game, and would gladly do anything to help keep people, including myself, interested. Also, the structure of this particular game essentially requires the repetition of many quests on various difficulties, sometimes redoing the same difficulty multiple times. I would advise anyone to go through a quest normally a time or two before using a tutorial. There are different levels of intimacy that a tutorial like the one I've made can be used. It can be viewed as a loose guide: "Oh, i saw this vid earlier of a guy just skipping all the monsters in this quest except for the boss." - or - it can be used as a map, being held open in a seperate window and referenced at various time frames: "Okay guys, up here there's a fire trap and two trolls, in the video they body pull to get just one of the trolls at a time..." and so on. This allows the individual player to choose his/her own level of involvement.

What we do NOT want:
Exploits, Cheats, Hacks, etc. Anything that violates the TOS.
Funny, entertaining videos... there are plenty of those on youtube available via search (I suggest you do a search for DDO on youtube if you haven't already, lots of fun to be had.)

This is essentially my second attempt at such a thread. The first attempt was badly hijacked by people telling me that the idea of said channel was foolish, unreasonable, and not useful. I foolishly fed the trolls, and the topic was locked, but, this time, I am politely requesting at this point that if you are not contributing or giving moral support/suggestions for videos, etc, that you kindly not pullute our thread.

So please, if you have any suggestions for videos you would like for me to try to create (I only have a level 7 and level 6 toon at my disposal) or suggestions for videos you'd like to see others create, please post here and ask for them... maybe someone will fraps it up for you .

Thank you!