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03-01-2008, 11:11 AM
I am seeking advice on what enhancements I should take. The back round of my toon is as such- pure healing halfling cleric with the dragon mark feat. I am currently level 4. This is my first cleric. so I am just seeking advice on enhancements. With that being said, at the later levers I want to be able to cast destruction and bb. Thank you in advancce for your help.:)

03-01-2008, 12:11 PM
Keep taking the Life Magic enhancements for the boost to your cure spells, as well as the Energy of the Zealot for more SP. Obviously, take the Wisdom enhancements to boost your spell DCs and get minor bumps to your SP pool. As you get higher level, you'll probably want to take Prayer of Life and Prayer of Incredible Life since these can help your SP efficiency as they increase the chance of a critical heal as well as the multiplier of the critical heal. Coupled with the gloves from the Reaver raid and you can see some very impressive healing numbers.

When you get to some of the more powerful offensive spells, you may find yourself in need of some Spell Pen enhancements. Since you're dragonmarked, you'll want to take the enhancements that grant you extra uses of the marks. If you find yourself using scrolls and wands, you may want to take a tier or two of the Wand/Scroll mastery line. I'm not a huge fan of DVs, so I've only got 6 DV IIs, but if you're built with more CHA, you can take the Extra Turning enhancements and even DV III.

Hope this helps and maybe you'll get someone to offer some advice from a different point of view.

03-01-2008, 12:21 PM
Also keep in mind that enhancements can fairly easily be changed around compared to other things. (Class levels taken - locked for life), Skill points (locked for life), Feats - can be changed but take Shards and lots of gold.

If you have any sort of CHA on the cleric, consider the Divine Healing line too. Cheap and effective healing that will augment your capacity to heal for no cost at all levels. Average healing from a DHI is 30 points of healing. If you have 6 castings available that is 180 points of healing. (It is not too hard to get a lot more castings if you want too). All for using no spell points, no charges from wands or drinking of pots. Also it works just as well on fleshie and mech.

With a higher level cleric and DHIII doing 90 points a pop, you can pretty easily get over 1000 points of healing value if you use them that way.