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02-27-2008, 10:52 AM
It was a day like any other day. The slow ebb of work racket...echoing off the beige walls.
I had phone duty. I stay till no one could possibly want nor expect some one to answer the phone and then leave.
It was 1400.

I was surfing the forums.

A small "cluster" of individuals was collaborating behind me. They were discussing a project for a college course they were
involved in. There has been a huge, and rather ill directed push to educate the obviously mentally deficient, in their opinion, enlisted senior personnel in my office. Some of the courses taken and the colleges they are getting these "Degrees" with are, in my opinion, rather poor and rushed choices.
I could not help but sit there. And wait for them to leave.

1500. They are still there.
They are discussing which sentences to use and how to phrase them in order to be correct. They are wrong...Dead wrong...

If they weren't higher in the food chain than me I would give them such a verbal lashing both scathing and overt that they would be mentally scarred for life.
They need an English course.
If I say anything...they will, as they have previously suggested, force me to complete their project for them.
Their attempts to use "official" sounding words in improper context and the inability to say these words without emphasizing
them is making me itch.
plagiarism is rampant.
They are stealing someone else’s project and destroying its grammar, sentence structure and hurting my head with some messed up word vomit...

1530...1 hour to go till I can make a respectable exit.

Something gets suggested that would make my mother cuss...and my mother doesn't cuss. No...not ever.
The use of words and the phrasing of the sentence in question hits me like a slap form a whip made of 43 strands of dental floss and monofilament, with pieces of broken glass, razorblades, fishhooks and little tubes spraying lemon juice...

The monster has awoken....

1700 I go home. I am bewildered. My head hurts. I have been laughed at. I have been made to feel small. I have escaped the task of completing the project on my own...

I have taught 3 people how to use the spell/grammar checker in word.
I have taught 3 people how to make a proper bibliography to cite stolen passages and eliminate plagiarism.
I have taught 3 people that big words must be used in proper context...That military correct is not civilian correct...and that promulgate, facilitate, and collation should never be used in the same sentence to say, "Surveys will be given participants to aid in the collection of data."
I have taught 3 people that when you steal others work, it is always better to customize it to suit your needs and adjust imaginary values to your needs.
I have not taught them to stop being blatantly ignorant in their word choices...
A year passes...
One of the 3 is sitting behind me.
He has a problem with a short e-mail sent to him by a senior person....He makes a major deal out of how stupid the sender is.
How uneducated. How much of an idiot the sender is...He laughs. He shares. He is shot down. He is not convinced.

It says, “I am on leave till Thursday and am checking out on Friday so I will be unable to attend the...(meeting)."

The participant doesn't think that am is the proper word to use in this sentence...

I am amused.

So...Is it proper to use one small e-mail to base a view of an individual as incompetent?
Is the sentence wrong?
Should a short info e-mail used to replace the conventional sticky pad note be stuffed full of large words in order to impress others?
Or does the attempt to speak such words that are so far out of your league and fail miserably in the attempt prove how smart you are?