View Full Version : was bored in tanglefoot i mean tangleroot with a group talking.

02-22-2008, 03:35 PM
Well this happen to me last night running my cleric in the old tanglefoot. and was 3 manning it with my best friends. kilr and gelmir. Well i was thinking of what armor to wear for the cleric and i said black armor would look cool and then gelmir said yea too bad there is no red dragon armor. And we started really getting into it with well it makes sense there is a red dragon and u could make them if possible. Then it was well what would the stats be. (Note this is what we thought of) we went thru each armor and said this:

White: more of a fighter using two weapon fighting due to the stats

Black: is more on the lines of sneaking and such
Blue: is more on the lines of helping casters
red? We thought about it and figured wow insane stats: (note this is what we thought)
Red dragon scales:
+5 enchancement (armor)
Greater fire resistance (30)
Greater false life (+30 hp)
3 Charges of "Dragons Might" Caster lvl 14 -- Dragons might gives +6 STR, +6 CON, -2 Will saves, and Unable to cast spells for min
10% Melee Alacrity
(that is some nice armor lol)and what red dragon armor is without a helm

Red Dragon helm
Dragon's breath with 3 charges and it would be like a fireball or delayed fireball.
+6 to Charisma

What do you think? too overpowered? lol just leave one.