View Full Version : Couple User Interface Suggestions

02-19-2008, 08:42 PM
hello people, nice game but some things are missing from the user interface that I would really like to see

1st) ok voice chat has an indication who is talking on group health bars, but when grouping with lot of different people you havent ever met and you are in the middle of the battle it is hard to say who said what, an indicator flashing over the floating character name would be great

2nd) ok on spot propably you will have to be facing the enemy to spot it, but on listen checks and if the enemy is behind you, you will never know it is there, some indication on the minimap would make the skill more usefull, also when blinded, some listen checks could make you continue fighting unless they render you deaf

maybe I will think some more ideas later on but for now those are first on my wish list