View Full Version : Win For ME

02-19-2008, 07:02 PM
Trying out a new build for me, been sorta figuring out where to go next on the fly.

Its a Paladin 3/ranger 6/rogue 2 so I went into tempest spine............... ran through and killed everything (except for fire and Ice..which I skipped)

After everything was clear I put up an LFM for anyone to come and open the chests (I hadnt opened any yet)

sent a tell to a guy I had grouped with b4 letting him know he could get free loot and bring the party he was in also when they were done running the quest they were in.

Oddly not only did noone request to join for the free loot....... but the guy I sent the tell to said no thnx.

LFM was up for 20 mins then I said ........well more for me.

It was odd that nobody wanted free loot. Anyway...... Stormcleave solo used to be my loot run But I think Tempest spine solo is my new one.

This new character I have is really fun to play and has taught me a lot about multi layered builds.

*next step will be to kill fire and Ice and actaully complete the quest- that would be awesome*

*in case you were wondering there were no deaths and no recalls*