View Full Version : Backup your setting files before skinning

02-16-2008, 11:10 AM
Be sure to backup the 2 files UserPreferences.ini and ddo.keymap located in your
"<My Documents>\Dungeons and Dragons Online" folder before applying different skins.

Twice now DDO has reset everythign to defaults when applying a different skin, luckily I had a recent backup on my other PC. It would have been a real PITA to redo all the settings and keymappings.

02-16-2008, 01:15 PM
It appears the button to select a skin (if you just have one ready), or to select default (if you have a skin on your client), is over the Default button. So you might think you're swapping skins, but you're really undoing every last preference.

Having a copy of your preferences in another folder is an excellent idea... period! Especially if you, like me, are particular about what key does what. :)

02-17-2008, 02:10 AM
The thing is that it takes about 10-15 seconds for the skin to load. Only click on the skin once and be patient and wait for it to load.
It will not work like the elevator button.:D