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02-13-2008, 07:36 PM
Ok so check this out! Im building a ranger barb fighter combo toon an i allready have 2 lvls of ranger on him. Did i mention he was warforged!!
Nope? well he is. anyways i gave him 16 str, 17 dex, 14 con, 8 int, 11 wis, 6 cha cause hes so ugly. forget about umd as no points are put into him an none will go. i was thinking of going 8 ranger, 5 fighter rest barb. gonna use ostwf feat as soon as i can. how should i progress his leveling, was thinking ftr next for ostwf an another feat probably dodge. He is true neutral.

Any advice will be taken into consideration.

Primary purpuse will be for quick damage raging boss killer.
Also undecided on weapon set, bastard sword, kopesh, dwarven axe got lot of those or just use whats in martial list

Sweet dreams fleshies

03-20-2008, 10:59 AM
I wouldn't go beyond 1 barb for this build since you never get a high enough rage duration to matter.

So I would recommend (for pure killer) , 11 Ranger, 4 Ftr , 1 Barb

There are few of those posted btw somwhere.

09-04-2008, 01:38 PM
Ranger 16.



I have a thing for Pure classes.

09-04-2008, 01:41 PM
You want to maximize DPS? Take 2 Rog/2 Ftr/Ranger. Spec Khopesh, Rapier or Heavy Picks. In this case, due to a Ranger's affinity for DEX over STR, I went Rapier. 16/16/14/8/10/6, Warforged(Go with 8 WIS and push that into STR, then take Ftr STR as an enhancement... I wanted to be able to cast Barkskin before level 11). Currently in progress: Second of twin Lightning Strike Rapiers, Air Guard cloak(A true Tempest Ranger), is a capped rgr 16 and only a few rare builds can outclass him(generally due to gear).

The main problem is: You will have trouble with HP as a Pure Ranger. WIth Greater False Life he hit 292, and with his Guard item he will hit 337. Then again, he only bit a +1 tome there, so a +3 would help quite a lot. He also ignored WF CON 2 and 3 due to Damage enhancements(Favored Enemy, etc). So, with your Ftr levels I suggest you pick up Toughness 2x, or at least once and a Weapon Focus.

06-04-2009, 06:16 PM
Ranger give u the two weapon fighting feat in lvl 3 i think and then when u get u can start taking figther i suggest u to take barb lvls on lvl 13.

06-04-2009, 06:40 PM
well if your going to go 5 fighter u mines well go 6 for the extra feat and the +1 to str from fighter str 2 and if your going 8 ranger u will get twf and itwf for free once your a lvl 6 ranger so that puts u at lvl 14 so then u have two levels left so if u went barb that would be fine , but then the question is are u going the rest barb ? or the rest ranger ? u get gtwf at lvl 11 ranger for free and at lvl 12 u get a +5 barkskin if u care about that

as for your stats

16 str is fine but could go higher

17 dex is too high , u only need a 15 with a +2 tome to get the twf line if u dont take ranger all the way to 11

14 con is ok should hit 400hps np

the others are fine as well

now u can change these around a bit depending on what tomes u have available but u could go with something like this
17str +5ability point +2fighter str +6 item = 30 add a +2 tome and u get 32 not including rams might or your small rage

15dex +3 ranger dex +6 item = 24 +2 tome = 26

16con +2 warforged con +6 item = 24 +2 tome = 26

intel 8 is fine

10 wis +6 item = 16 +2 tome = 18

cha 6 is fine

now u will have one point left over so u could put in either intel or cha depending on what tomes u have availabable

but this is just a suggestion

06-04-2009, 06:44 PM
feats u need to take for tempest are

dodge , mobility , spring attack

other feats u should take are

otwf , toughness , power attack , ics or icp or both if u plan on using wop ?

as for a weapon i would go khopesh or heavy pick since u are warforged

the rest of your feats u can take like

khopesh , cleave , great cleave , another toughness, extend

ne thing else u want

u will have a total of 10 feats to lvl 16 and another at lvl 18

so 11 total unless i missed one

i hope this helps , as this is based off a 12ranger/6fighter/2barb