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02-13-2008, 11:03 AM
I think I may have posted in the wrong forum. I need the opinions of the elves...


05-04-2009, 02:39 PM
I know I am resurrecting a dead post, but I love my elven pally, so...

If you use your elven pally as your main and you do get some twink gear (including a couple +3 tomes), I think elven paladin is a fun option (and yes, nostalgia is involved! )

My elven pally in full gear looks like this (and I built him so I never have to mess with my stats for gear...have boots of the innocent, so I lose saves when I featherfall, but not stats):

14/2 Pally/Rogue

Str 26
Dex 24
Con 20
Int 13 (I don't use an item. If I need the int, I throw on a napkin).
Wis 20
Chr 26

UMD is a 28 without buffs.

HP: 398 standing
AC: 50 Standing (CE not on)
SP: 382

Has evasion, has 4 smites, has raise dead, 4 LOH, ect...

I don't have rogue skills or intimidate. Wasn't in the initial gameplan...

With self buffs, my to-hit is very good. My saves are all over 30 when buffed, mid twenties when not. I am chained to the longsword, because like Dexx said, it is too good/cheap to give up and I didn't want to flush a feat to get khopesh. I roll with a Min II Longsword for straight DPS, but have all the vorpal and stat options. Buffed, I am a reasonable dpser (not awesome, but not terrible.)

My dexterity gives me full benefit of my DT armor. The lotto armor is a pain, but you can free up a lot of slots and build a pretty reasonable gear package.

I plan on going 18/2 with him so I can get KotC III.

I realize there are some pretty good builds out there that are better DPS, but for fun and a self-sufficient toon, elven paladins are a good time!

When I am feeling less lazy, I will throw my build into a planner. I have had this toon for so long it will take awhile to figure out exactly how I built him!