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02-08-2008, 03:17 AM
As we move towards mod7 and on to lvl20, would it be possible for the devs to give us a rough (or not so rough) game plan on what is in the works for the current classes? Admittedly, this may not be possible with the current cycle. But, I enjoy end game play and dont really like to go back to re-rolls and the grind unless its absolutely necessary. Granted, this is not what all find enjoyment in, but some of the rolls I wish to explore involve decisions that IMO could make or break the toon. e.g. will rangers receive Hiding in Plain Sight at 17? Should we go the the books for what enhancements will best mimic prestige classes? Will there be another round of class based ability enhancements? I understand that care needs to be taken to what goes down on 'paper', but a broader glimpse in to the future would be greatly appreciated. Devs have already laid the ground work for paladin and rogue balancing, but the way the upgrades are being released, I feel rolls and toons are being see-sawed in their perceptive usability and 'whats hot this month'. I think a blurb on what is planned across the board would be helpful. I'm not talking specifics, just a nod in the right direction - e.g. "fighters haven't seen major upgrades in a while, we're holding off until lvl20 when real specialization can be explored."

BTW, great job on the mod, thoroughly enjoyable. Just enough mystery to make it fun. Keep at it.


02-08-2008, 05:10 AM
Dev chats (Usually on other websites for some reason), that DDO talkshow (DDOcast I think its called), and dev tracker can all get you what you are looking for.

Just dig a little deeper :P