View Full Version : Lost all my Ingredients

02-04-2008, 09:50 PM
Since I was locked out of the raid on my main sorc Mavnimo, I went in with my Wizard Mavnemo. I decided to send the ingredients I had saved up over to Mavnemo to continue crafting. instead of mailing 30-40 items I removed the bound items i had in the bag the Shavarath stones and signets, then mail over the bag. I switched over and detached the bag on Mavnemo and opened it up and it was empty. I mailed it back to see if they would show up for Mavnimo and they didn't. This was yesterday. I've talked to ingame support but they keeping saying I have to wait for a senior gm. I waited 4 hours last night and several hours tonight. I reopened a ticket on a different character hoping i could still play the game while waiting for a response. After getting a gm I retold the mailing problem I had and was told again to wait for a senior gm which I am doing now in game. I am hoping to recover the ingredients I lost or a response telling me i'm out of luck and have to get all the items I had again.

List of what I remember having inside the bag before I lost it all.
30 tiny dragonshard fragments,
100 kyhber and sib shard fragments.
30 low energy power cells
8 or 9 depeleted medium energy cells
2-3 charged medium energy cells
8 or 9 depleted high energy cells
2-3 charged high energy cells
3-5 of each of the tier 1 ingredients: husk, petals, funk, fungi, pebbles, twigs
1 or 2 of the tier 2 ingredients: small devil scales, sulforous stones, length of chains, etc..
a few of the tier 3 ingredients: mediums
1 or 2 of the tier 4 large ingredients: Large sulforous stones
also have a Filament of toil and a cloudy gem of oppostion
I might have had others but those are the ones I remember having.

Hoping for a response. If not a warning to other players not to mail bags with anything inside them.