View Full Version : Things we do to save Friends and Guildies

01-31-2008, 10:14 AM
Had a fun time in the vale last night I wanted to share.

I was on my ranger (of course) and grouped with 3 wizards, a barb and a fighter. We where playing around and exploring the vale and killing the named out there and haveing a good time. I am the type of person that likes to see all the sights and tend to run off by myself in a momments notice. I can handle myself in pretty much any situation and my guildies/friends know that a lot of times I am better off (along with them) when I am out hunting alone.

Luckly for one of the wizards I was on my way to join up with the group and noticed him lagging and about to run wrong direction. I guess he was lagging to bad and not able to hear me when I told him to stop and turn around because he ran right into 4 mephits. I am good enough and was not worried about them so I took agroe off him and proceeded to kill them when a few seconds later I looked on map and saw he did not stop and continued to run and aggroed 2 more mephits, 2 rats and 2 gnolls.

Me being who I am I could not just let him run in and die so I grabbed agroe of them as well. So now I am going up against 4 half dead mephits, 2 full mephits, 2 full rats, a caster gnoll and an archer gnoll. I think to myself well at any rate this will be fun. I hit one of my clickies of haste and go at it. About 20 seconds after me grabbing agroe from all those the wizard continues to run and runs into gnolls and rats and gets incapped. I think okay good atleast he not gonna get into any MORE trouble as I finish off the first group. I am now at half health and have like 40 mana and of course I forgot to pick up more wands before going out. The wizard stabalized at -9 so I ran in grabbed agroe from 2 more gnolls and 2 more rats, casted my last 2 cure mods on the caster and then proceeded to kill the mobs.

Finished the fight with 7 hps, saved the gratefull wizard who had no idea what happened and had my head grow 2 more sizes (guild swears it can't fit thru a door as is)

Just would like to hear what others have done to run in and save the day for their friends and guildies.