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01-30-2008, 04:07 PM
HI all thanks for first of all reading my post :D . I just got back into DDO and have no idea what to do . Class wise id like to play something that does alot of damage yet has some versatility. I duno if they added any prestige classes yet or anything new its been over a year since i played. I hear now you can unlock drow also , id like to make a class that can get to this path as soon as possible. I was thinking either a rogue or a wizard but not sure yet. I dont remember the differences between wizards and sorcerors in the online as aposed to pen and paper . I know this post seems confusing but if anyone can help with a good starting class/race combo for a oldie newbie that would be some great insight thank you very much!

01-30-2008, 04:18 PM
If your looking to unlock Drow I would go with an Elf or Human Paladin. Elf gives the longsword enhancements or Human take Khopesh. Once Drow is
unlocked you could go with the other classes as Drow gives you a +2 to Dex, Int, and Cha. JMHO

Welcome back.

01-30-2008, 04:18 PM
welcome back.

I believe there are some - back after a year: here's what to try threads out there.

As for drow, if you've got back your old account, you may find any of your previous toons already have 400 total favor and can unlock drow by talking to an NPC in the harbor. (Hit "P" to see your Patron Favor screen).

Pure damage tops these days is usually a sorceror (which with +2 charisma, drow make pretty good sorcs). They have the most spell points and the fastest casting times - but a fixed spell list (one tradeout every 3 days). Though they've really improved warforged by giving them all their construct immunities and they can spell repair themselves... so they also make excellent sorcs (though -2 starting cha) and wizards.

The biggest change end game has been finding that con and total hp means a lot more than AC. So try to start with at least a 12 base con even on a casting class. Others might say 14.

With the level cap going up today you might find fewer lower level pugs than normal, but it shouldn't be too bad. Good luck.

Once you decide on a class (or multiclass), go to the class specific forums and look through a build or two just to see what skills, stats, etc people are finding work the best.

01-30-2008, 04:19 PM
Damage & Versatility = Ranger or a multi class fighter/rogue/paladin are good bets.

Drow: Drow is best for Casters, Rogues and Bards but works well for almost anything you need to get 400 favor (real easy if you have some help otherwise takes untill around level 4-8 to get there.

No prestige classes but some classes now have enhancment options that mimic prestige class abbilities

Wiz vs Sorc: Sorcs have more mana and cast spells faster but have a limited and fiarly static spell selection. Wizards can freely change spells and get more slots for them as well as get some bonus feats. Play sorc if you want raw power and uberness, play wizard if you like a more strategic and versatile approach.

Rogue: They do fine but it takes more skill than other classes to play it well. Rogues do best if you don't hyper specilize as you want to mix good skills with good combat options.

Other Hints: Dwarves are really good for combat characters becausee they get awesome enhancement options. Drow and Humans tend to be the optimal caster races.