View Full Version : Lack of Gm being able to help

01-27-2008, 07:55 PM
Question just what can GM be able to due in game.

Cracking down on players using the grouping page for trades, Ok this they can do something about

Plat spammers. Sometimes they manage to boot them.

Unstick stuck players. No cause most players will either slash deather recall, or figure out away to unstick themself.

When a objective in a quest buggs out. Two cases. in gianthold tor the gatekeeper bugged out and woke up without the objective being checked out. So we kill him and finish the whole quest. but cant get credit for the quest becouse we never got credit for awakeing the gate keeper. Sad thing is the GM just gave out the same cut and paste answers. they cant do anything and so and so

Did Ghost of predition on elite and killed all the wave of mobs when the behold bugged out and went through a wall. Could the gm do anything no. Again we got the same cut and paste answers as i got in the gianthold tor case.

So can someone explain why i gm cant complete a quest if it clear that a bug happen and it should be finished. I mean i sean them spawn bosses that didnt appear and check off option before but that was about a year ago. Lately it seems all the can do is cut and paste that they cant do anything.

So why cant they help?

01-28-2008, 05:17 AM
I got the same exact problem in Gianthold Tor when I was trying to get elite favor for my cleric, what a waste of time, I contacted a gm and they couldn't do anything about it.