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01-21-2008, 10:24 PM
Im thinking of re-rolling and Elf

goal is Fighter 11/ rogue 2/ cleric 1

cleric 1 - for wand usage, a few minor spells and +1 longsword cleric enhancement
rogue 2 - for evasion, UMD, balance and maybe open locks
fighter 11 - feats, BAB, HP, AC

longsword 1d8+8 (+1d6 sneak) [+12 bab +8 STR + 3 ENH +2 Feats = +25 to hit before weapon bonus]
improved crit 17-20 x3


rogue 2 - evasion, umd, balance and locks
paladin 4 - ac & save bonus
fighter 8 - bab, hp, ac

khopesh 1d8 +8 (+1d6 sneak) [+13 bab +8 str +2 feats = +23 to hit before weapon bonus]
improved crit 17-20 x3

unless someone can come up with a good sturdy fighter/wiz or sorc build thats melee heavy

just kinda thinking out loud add your thoughts please

01-21-2008, 11:03 PM
With most 3 class characters patience is going to be the key word, it takes them awhile to come into focus.

Not my original idea, so I will not take credit
A 10 fighter/2 paladin/2 rogue is a good choice for all the things u are after.

1. 11 fighter, does not get you anything on its own.
2. 2 levels paladin gives you pally wands(healing, lesser restore, curse?), divine grace (adds your charisma bonus to saves), and 1 lay on hands
3. 2 levels of rogue give you umd and evasion
4. 1st level go rogue (most skill points) then about level 8 or 9 go next level of rogue and use all your skills points on umd.
5. After 2nd level of rogue put all skill points that you can in umd
6. BAB of fighter and pally are the same - this builds gives you a 13 bab at 14th level
7. 1 level of cleric isnt going to help you in the long run - only divine favor will help your build and it is only a +1
8. My build not the best or the worst, but dang fun to play

2. pally - now u can heal yourself
3. pally - get your saves while their hot
4-8 fighter
9- rouge- get your umd here, ahhh evasion is nice
10-14 fighter, put one point of umd in here

At level 4, you will be able to use cure serious wands.
I went the 2-weapon feat here -up to greater 2-weapon
UMD focus

@level 14 Zaxen
uses holy burst kopesh/flaming burst handaxes, wounding kopesh/puncturing shortshort
Can use rez scrolls with a roll of a 4- own buffs - 23+(planar)+4, rogue skill boost (+2), golden cartouche(+3)=32, you can get this higher, mine is just a 32 though
Can use any wand/scroll upto level 5, need a firewall, boohah

Just my take, I reserve the right to be totally wrong about everything.

01-22-2008, 04:52 PM
11 fighter gives Tower Shield Mastery III

Remember that taking one level of cleric will give you that +1 longsword enhancement and take away one BAB.

Also remember that as a rogue you can boost your UMD to the point where you don't need to be 1 cleric to use those wands. I think the 1 cleric actually makes this build weaker than going 12/2 or 11/3 with fighter and rogue.

As for the fighter/pally/rogue idea

Level splits work better as 8/3/3 or 9/3/2 in my opinion.

9/3/2 will let you hit 11/3/2 at level 16 for TSM III if you plan to go that route.

3 paladin gives you the immunity to fear and disease along with the second tier AC and saves auras.

4 paladin gives you some spells that will be far too weak to actually be useful and with too few spell points to cast them much, so it is a wasted level.

3 rogue will give you an extra d6 backstab and a lot more skill points for UMD and other important skills. 2 rogue is all that is necessary for evasion, of course.