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01-19-2008, 02:42 AM
I want to know of other success stories while multi-classing...

Give your multi-class starting statistics as well as your toons strenghts
and weaknesses.

And perhaps a quick summary of why you enjoy playing said charactor.

02-06-2008, 11:24 PM
I play a very unorthodox MC character.

My main is a 7/2 Drow Sorcerer/Fighter.
Starting Stats:
Str: 15
Dex: 14
Con: 12
Int: 12
Wis: 10
Cha: 16

Current Stats:
Str: 20
Dex: 19
Con: 14
Int: 15
Wis: 10
Cha: 24

A side note which is probably obvious is that I am not a min/maxxer.

Weaknesses: low con, missing out on highlevel sorc spells. (these are the only ones I see which are mitigated by the fact that I love my character)

Strengths: Uniqueness, casting my sorc spells in Full Plate (sometimes), not being completely useless when out of sp.

I love playing my character because as far as I know I am probably the only fighter/sorcerer at least on thelanis. I love mixing my fighter abilities with my sorcerer abilities. My favorite thing is when I am questioned "Why would you mix fighter with sorcerer?" my only response to that is "I'm a badass". I can't really say much except I love my build and it is the reason I love DDO.

One added note: I don't see this as a solo viable build because I really have no way to cost effectively heal myself, but it is still very fun to play

02-07-2008, 09:31 PM
halfling pali/ranger/rogue w/ dragon mark ( will be pali 4/rogue3/ 9 ranger)

currently low level and soloing tangleroot
This guy can do it all

hes a dex build with weapon finesse and fights well

hes a full trap monkey

he can heal VERY well and self heal

casts 1st level spells from scrolls via UMD

effective close or at range with a very high AC

str - 10 dex - 14+1 con - 12 int- 14 wis -12 cha -14+1 starting used a dex and charisma tome +1 and added items

So my soloing of TR has been me ranging ... then melee when they get to me.... sneak up on next group, charm few, expeditouis retreat away... and run train thru traps (that I can evade and disable)

Strengths he can back up/replace any role - fighter/mage/rogue/cleric has lots of options

weaknesses - doesnt do a great deal of damage, healing is limited to LOH,wands and dragonmarks, spells totally rely on scrolls..... wont likely be a top tier rogue. Jack of all trades and master of none.

having loads of fun tho.

02-07-2008, 10:09 PM
This toon is currently deleted but 6rogue/4wiz/4ftr. Final stats in full gear (as well as I remember) were around 18 str / 26 dex / 14 con / 28 int / 8wis / 14 cha.

Strengths: self-buffing shield, blur, other low lvl wiz spells (8min was plenty and easily renewed); 100% trapmonkey (except for cabal trap).

Average: Survivability - when this character was created (lvl cap 10) - the extreme versatility with using all wands in the game made for high survivability. In GH, it did not have the HP to survive direct combat, and hence this would be rated "average" overall.

Weakness: Low DPS (and one of two reasons that this toon was deleted; the other being that for a toon built to be so trapmonkey focused to not be able to find the cabal trap rather annoyed me).

Here's a more recent bastardchild that is still sitting at the 14 cap-mark. 11 Pali/2ranger/1wiz. Halfling-dragonmark-archer. Final stats in full gear are around 20 str/28dex/18con/8int/20wis/22cha.

Strengths: All halfling dragonmarks + maximize + grtr devotion 6 helm = AWESOME burst healing capabilities even before lay on hands. Pali levels (instead of strict ranger) opens pali toughness for a lot more HP than a ranger version. Lowest save before buffs is ~25 / so only a 1 is a failure in most circumstances.

Average: DPS - and by average I mean average for an archer; which is still (unfortunately) behind strict melee builds. With Pali divine favor can still hit 80+% of the time with str weapons when needed (+3 flaming greataxe of grtr dragon bane owns reaver preraid :D )

Weakness: Still haven't fixed issues with ranged shots hitting targets and getting target rolls :( - which will at times push the DPS to the low end.

This toon suffers from the same weaknesses common to most archers; but beyond that has absurd self-sufficiency; and in a party of other reasonably self-sufficient characters can operate as full healer for them as well when it counts.

05-16-2008, 01:26 PM
Drow Elf: (2) Paladin, (14) Sorceror

Starting Abilities: 15 Str, 10 Dex, 10 Con, 10 Int, 8 Wis, 20 Chr

Wears +3 Twilight Mithral Full Plate with 0% ASF (Fanged Gloves and all 3 Arcane Fluidity enhancements)

Has 191 HP, and can almost fully heal with his single LOH. Awesome saves, even without a resistance item. Rarely needs to activate his Divine Power clicky to hit (increase his BAB to a fighter of the same level), so running out of mana doesn't send him scurrying for the nearest shrine/bar. His single 7th level spell is the Dancing Ball - PK teamed with Enervate makes up for a lack of Finger of Death.

I like playing him because he is extremely tough, can dish out lots of damage with firewall, open most doors with Knock, and doesn't rely on anyone else for his buffs/healing. Soloed VON 1-4 on elite, which taught me his weaknesss.

His weakness is his inability to handle traps - not enough HP to survive the one in VON3, or the one in VON4. Luckily, I was able to recall and get back into VON3 before it timed out, and the trap in VON4 is right above the shrine.

05-20-2008, 01:45 PM
A bit of back story...I love the rogue class. I love its mystique and versatility. I love the mage for the spell versatility and firepower.

That being said I selected a 1rogue/15mage. The only thing I consider a drawback is that I lose the extra spells that come with lvl 16 mage. The payoff, is in what that one level of rogue skill allows me to do; umd progression and trapmonkey skills. My umd goes up to 34ish making me a cleric-in-a-poke. The ability to Grt Restore, Raise Dead, Wand Heal, Remove Disease helps the cleric out. The trapmonkey skills (disable/search) Im able to max out. I kill two birds by having all my intelligence points (enhancements) that I put into being a mage help me raise the number of skill points I get. Im able to use the extra points for Move Silent or Hide. The few extra ability points at creation, I put into Dex, so I would be able to evade a bit and range when need be (returning paralyzer axes). On reaching the higher levels I can cast Tensers (scroll for limit to the time) after totally buffing everything and go into fighter mode if need be. This one build allows me to mimic all other "main" roles. I love the pure versatillity.

A couple of "character flaws" to note. Most go warforged with this type of build, my guy's Human. I cut my ability to gain an extra point of intelligence ( I didnt know that Human Adaptability doesnt stack). I was, however, able to get Human Versitility which can add +5 to anything I may need it for; to hit, to dmg (if in fighter mode) to skills (if in rogue mode) or to saves and AC (if trying to evade an ugly situation).

The two main catches that would turn most people off (if I havnt done so already) are the 58hp Im packing and the 14 AC. Many laugh at this and begin to tell me what type of gear I need to "Make it". With a few hundred plat and about 120sp I can remain safe and sound long enough to scoop up stones and save a wipe. The method of operation is all important to the "squishyness" of my mage. Shield spell, and prots, resists and nightshield protect me from most magic damage, Hvy fort item and stoneskin reduce physical dmg to a minimum. Extended displacement protects me if I feel like inspireing agro, camo and invisibility scrolls and the sneak skill ensure my get away. Besides I WANT them to hit me so they can activate the fearsome item and flee or stand prone so I can PK'em.

I knew the hybrid I wanted to make and after having watched Ghoste's video I knew what he would be like. A thrill to play!

05-21-2008, 10:07 AM
The two main catches that would turn most people off (if I havnt done so already) are the 58hp Im packing and the 14 AC.

Just remember - it's not how many hit points you have, it's how many you have LEFT! Gotta love the 400 hp healing sponges who sound like dog trainers (heal - heal - heal)

05-23-2008, 02:12 PM
Well I'll join in the fun!! Here's mine ...

Warforged 14 Wizard / 2 Rogue

This lil guy does just about everything I need to solo a quest. He can stealth a quest or he can mow it down. Traps, locks are no real issue. With the wizard focus, I can prep any spell I need and I don't miss the high level stuff *yet*. With stoneskin, displacement and reconstruct, this lil fella is one tough hombre. And for the capper, maxed out the UMD just in case. Here's the entire build for those interested:

Character Plan by DDO Character Planner Version 2.85
DDO Character Planner Home Page (http://www.rjcyberware.com/DDO)

Level 16 Chaotic Good Warforged Male
(2 Rogue \ 14 Wizard)
Hit Points: 136
Spell Points: 988
BAB: 8\8\13
Fortitude: 7
Reflex: 13
Will: 10

Starting Feat/Enhancement
Base Stats Modified Stats
Abilities (Level 1) (Level 16)
Strength 8 8
Dexterity 8 8
Constitution 16 16
Intelligence 18 22
Wisdom 6 6
Charisma 12 13

Tomes Used
+1 Tome of Charisma used at level 8

Starting Feat/Enhancement
Base Skills Modified Skills
Skills (Level 1) (Level 16)
Balance 3 3
Bluff 1 1
Concentration 5 22
Diplomacy 1 1
Disable Device 8 13
Haggle 5 5
Heal -2 -2
Hide 3 18
Intimidate 5 5
Jump -1 -1
Listen -2 -2
Move Silently 3 18
Open Lock 3 3
Perform n/a n/a
Repair 4 6
Search 8 13
Spot 2 2
Swim -1 -1
Tumble 3 3
Use Magic Device 5 20

Level 1 (Rogue)
Feat: (Selected) Insightful Reflexes

Level 2 (Wizard)
Feat: (Wizard Bonus) Extend Spell

Level 3 (Wizard)
Feat: (Selected) Mental Toughness

Level 4 (Wizard)

Level 5 (Wizard)

Level 6 (Wizard)
Feat: (Selected) Improved Mental Toughness
Feat: (Wizard Bonus) Maximize Spell

Level 7 (Wizard)

Level 8 (Wizard)

Level 9 (Wizard)
Feat: (Selected) Force of Personality

Level 10 (Rogue)

Level 11 (Wizard)

Level 12 (Wizard)
Feat: (Wizard Bonus) Heighten Spell
Feat: (Selected) Spell Penetration

Level 13 (Wizard)

Level 14 (Wizard)

Level 15 (Wizard)
Feat: (Selected) Greater Spell Penetration

Level 16 (Wizard)

05-25-2008, 01:00 PM
This is my pure-soloist, with full rogue skills, non-twinked.

Based on a build as suggested by Impaqt (http://forums.ddo.com/showthread.php?t=126952), although without all the twinking, heh, and modified to be a bit more solo-centric.

Strengths include a full rogue skill-set (so she can go virtually anywhere), strong self-heal skills, a strong will save, pets (summon Monster X), and some turn undead ability.
Weaknesses include a relatively poor ability to hit, and somewhat low HD (as compared to the typical soloist). I've learned to FEAR ogres (at level 4), because they hit about 30-40% of their swings and do a good 20 HP at a time, and you can only survive about 3 to 4 hits like that. I had a heck of a time taking down the named ogre in WW3. Mostly I'll go with Soundburst and try to stun them whilst doing my best to keep out of their reach, heh.

I've taken this build to level 4.4 now, and it's going pretty well. If she can make it to level 7 or so, she may become unstoppable.

Character Plan by DDO Character Planner Version 2.90 RC 1
DDO Character Planner Home Page (http://www.rjcyberware.com/DDO)

Zerina Wolfe
Level 16 True Neutral Human Female
(3 Rogue \ 13 Cleric)
Hit Points: 174
Spell Points: 992
BAB: 11\11\16\21
Fortitude: 11
Reflex: 8
Will: 15

Starting Feat/Enhancement
Abilities Base Stats Modified Stats
(32 Point) (Level 1) (Level 16)
Strength 10 11
Dexterity 12 12
Constitution 14 14
Intelligence 16 16
Wisdom 14 22
Charisma 8 8

Starting Feat/Enhancement
Base Skills Modified Skills
Skills (Level 1) (Level 16)
Balance 5 12
Bluff -1 -1
Concentration 4 4
Diplomacy -1 -1
Disable Device 7 25
Haggle 3 3
Heal 4 8
Hide 1 1
Intimidate -1 -1
Jump 4 4
Listen 6 10
Move Silently 1 1
Open Lock 5 19
Perform n/a n/a
Repair 3 3
Search 7 23
Spot 6 26
Swim 4 4
Tumble 5 5
Use Magic Device n/a n/a

Level 1 (Rogue)
Skill: Balance (+4)
Skill: Concentration (+2)
Skill: Disable Device (+4)
Skill: Haggle (+4)
Skill: Heal (+2)
Skill: Jump (+4)
Skill: Listen (+4)
Skill: Open Lock (+4)
Skill: Search (+4)
Skill: Spot (+4)
Skill: Swim (+4)
Skill: Tumble (+4)
Feat: (Human Bonus) Diehard
Feat: (Selected) Nimble Fingers
Enhancement: Rogue Skill Boost I
Enhancement: Rogue Disable Device I
Enhancement: Rogue Open Lock I
Enhancement: Rogue Search I

Level 2 (Cleric)
Skill: Disable Device (+1)
Skill: Search (+1)
Skill: Spot (+1)
Enhancement: Follower of the Sovereign Host
Enhancement: Human Improved Recovery I

Level 3 (Cleric)
Skill: Disable Device (+1)
Skill: Search (+1)
Skill: Spot (+1)
Feat: (Selected) Extend Spell
Enhancement: Rogue Spot I
Enhancement: Cleric Life Magic I
Enhancement: Cleric Energy of the Zealot I
Enhancement: Cleric Wand Mastery I

Level 4 (Cleric)
Ability Raise: WIS
Skill: Disable Device (+1)
Skill: Search (+1)
Skill: Spot (+1)
Enhancement: Cleric Prayer of Life I
Enhancement: Cleric Wisdom I

Level 5 (Cleric)
Skill: Disable Device (+1)
Skill: Search (+1)
Skill: Spot (+1)
Enhancement: Human Adaptability Strength I
Enhancement: Cleric Life Magic II

Level 6 (Rogue)
Skill: Balance (+4)
Skill: Disable Device (+1)
Skill: Open Lock (+5)
Skill: Search (+1)
Skill: Spot (+1)
Feat: (Selected) Mental Toughness
Enhancement: Human Improved Recovery II

Level 7 (Cleric)
Skill: Disable Device (+1)
Skill: Search (+1)
Skill: Spot (+1)
Enhancement: Cleric Energy of the Zealot II
Enhancement: Cleric Wand Mastery II

Level 8 (Cleric)
Ability Raise: WIS
Skill: Disable Device (+1)
Skill: Search (+1)
Skill: Spot (+1)
Enhancement: Unyielding Sovereignty

Level 9 (Cleric)
Skill: Disable Device (+1)
Skill: Search (+1)
Skill: Spot (+1)
Feat: (Selected) Quicken Spell
Enhancement: Cleric Life Magic III

Level 10 (Cleric)
Skill: Disable Device (+1)
Skill: Search (+1)
Skill: Spot (+1)
Enhancement: Human Improved Recovery III

Level 11 (Cleric)
Skill: Disable Device (+1)
Skill: Search (+1)
Skill: Spot (+1)
Enhancement: Cleric Energy of the Zealot III

Level 12 (Rogue)
Ability Raise: WIS
Skill: Balance (+3)
Skill: Disable Device (+1)
Skill: Open Lock (+6)
Skill: Search (+1)
Skill: Spot (+1)
Feat: (Selected) Maximize Spell
Enhancement: Cleric Wisdom II

Level 13 (Cleric)
Skill: Disable Device (+1)
Skill: Search (+1)
Skill: Spot (+1)
Enhancement: Human Adaptability Wisdom II

Level 14 (Cleric)
Skill: Disable Device (+1)
Skill: Search (+1)
Skill: Spot (+1)
Enhancement: Cleric Wand Mastery III

Level 15 (Cleric)
Skill: Disable Device (+1)
Skill: Search (+1)
Skill: Spot (+1)
Feat: (Selected) Improved Mental Toughness
Enhancement: Cleric Wisdom III

Level 16 (Cleric)
Ability Raise: WIS
Skill: Disable Device (+1)
Skill: Search (+1)
Skill: Spot (+1)
Enhancement: Cleric Wand Mastery IV