View Full Version : New Guild on thelanis

01-14-2008, 06:00 PM
SACRED GROUND is the name.
looking for folks of any level and class for fun and adventure.

We are a growing guild with some relly good people to play with.
zerging isn't our style but we do get silly sometimes we all do.
Relaxed for the most part and no pressure to only run with the guild.

While we want to grow our numbers it is the quality of the people
we admire the most.

Did you ever have a small guild for a few freinds and one day you found
that they wern't on and had to pug?
Bring them all to sacred ground you can still play with those same friends
and if there not on run with other guildies and make some new ones
while your at it.

We want to grow and be able to run guild raids on a regular basis.
and even be able to run 2 or 3 favor runs at a time.

If you like to run solo one day and run with the guild another thats fine too.
we do guild activitys whenever we can.

We are looking for good people that like to play to have fun

we have officers to help out when you need help with a quest
I myself keep a toon at lev 6 to help new players along there way.

Not to many rules respect each other.
Help each other out whenever possible.
keep drama to a minimum.
have fun it's a game even though it can be better then life :)

Iterested folks can send an ingame tell to (FALCONHEART)14 lev ranger
leader of the (Sacred Ground)