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01-11-2008, 10:50 AM
My guild started an all warforged group. We have placed the following rules in place:
1. Can only group with warforged in the same guild, who are abiding by the same rules
2. No twinking. (Trading with other guilded warforged is ok, but no twinks from other toons)
3. No buying or selling on the Auction House. Only purchases from the brokers are allowed.

With these rules in mind, we have 11 people who have created warforged characters. Here's the breakdown:
Barbarans 2
Fighter 1
Sorcerer 3
Rogue 2
Wizard 1
Bard 1

I originally started a wizard, but, because we have four other arcane casters who handle the healing, I decided to go for a battle cleric. Normally, I loathe battle clerics, but, given that this static group (or groups) is all warforged and the arcanes have the healing responsibility, I really believe that a battle cleric will add tremendously to the success of the group.

I started with the following (I'm not going to re-roll, because I'm already three levels behind everyone else.)

Str 16
Dex 8
Con 16
Int 8
Wis 16
Chr 6

My character is currently at level 3: 1-fighter/2-Cleric. He is Lawful good.

From here on out, I plan to take all cleric levels in order to obtain cleric buffs, offensive spells, and the resurrection line of spells.

I'd like to remain competitive though in the tanking category.

I have the following feats:

Adamantine body
Extend spell
(and I can't recall what my other feat is)

Any suggestions for feats and enhancements would be appreciated. although I have 6 capped characters, this is my first warforged character and my first battle cleric.

thanks in advance for your suggestions

01-11-2008, 01:05 PM
I would highly suggest the Bladesworn faith line, the +1 to greatswords is not huge, but it is helpfull. The Bladesworn Transformation is effectivly Tensor's Transformation available at level 6 that you can use once every 10 min or so.

01-13-2008, 10:19 AM
A warforged can be very effective as a straight cleric even without the Bladesworn Trans line.
A strong WF cleric build could be more like:
FEATS: 1) adam body, 3) mental toughness, 6) imp mental toughness, 9) extend
ENHANCEMENTS: Healers Friend II, WF Con II, WF damage reduction
1 level of fighter can get you access to martial weapons, extra feat and tower shield prof. The metal toughness and improved ment toughness give you more SP.
Adam body, +5 docent, +1 dex, +5 tower shield and +4 prot item can give you a nice AC for combat.
Just some ideas.