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01-09-2008, 07:48 AM

Our Wed night team is looking for one more. Our first night of adventuring is going to start on Jan 9th, 2007 (7p-9p cst).

Our format follows what most of the dedicated groups listed here do.

We are all about Maturity, Humor and savoring the game. I'm reluctant to zerg quests, unless we find ourselves in a situation where we grosly overmatch the quest we are in.

I'm currently new to the game (about 20 days of experience) and have rounded up a group of players with quite a bit of game time. We are going to be taking our time moving thru quests, and focusing on team work and content exploration. Ideally we can leave a quest behind once we solve it on Elite, but if there is an Uber Chest Item that the group's Rogue needs, we can make exceptions as long as nobody is burned out.

Essentially, I'm trying to use DDO as a tool to re-create an online version of the PnP experience; meet the same group of folks at the same time in virtual space, with a beer/mountain dew in hand, and a goal on the horizon.

If you are interested in checking us out, drop me a PM.

07-09-2008, 10:02 AM
Just a quick bump. One of our players can no longer join us due to scheduling conflicts.

We are taking any class/race, we are levels 7 or 8 currently. PM me if you wish to join us! good times.