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01-08-2008, 01:38 PM
RavenStormclaw wants to know about the moment your warrior became a hero!

Check out the thread of the week, here (http://forums.ddo.com/showthread.php?t=132012).

01-08-2008, 01:40 PM
Grads Raven!!!!


01-08-2008, 02:08 PM
Gratz Raven!

And excellent choice, Q.

01-10-2008, 04:50 PM
Sadly I have only 4 wizards of various ages and a couple of clerics in groups they are not heros
they are suport chars for the Fighters. The fighters get all the glory. I am kept around for my
Fighter Crack, and other buffs. My nukes are less then glorious. But they do make things pretty
in an otherwise dark dungon.

There was a time when my level 14 wizard Azari, actually felt like a hero and people looked up to her,
when she could actually solo in Ruins of Gianthold. In thoes days she could hold her head up high and
take tour groups out and show them the wonders of the Ruins of Gianthold. People would say isn't that
little halfling wizard brave and awesome. But alas no more It takes me 3 times the mana that it took
before to do what I did with one Cloudkill. Thus my mana is gone before I get to the first chest. Before
I could loot 3 chests before I had to go back for more mana. Now I must either make Pets which I have
no control of or Use 3 times the mana to get to thoes chests.

I can see why the Devs needed to nerf my wizard she was getting to good at her job after all. She had
found one spell she was good at. As her spells stand right now all AoE Spells that don't hold the mob
cause instant agro on the wizard. So unless I can PK or FoD or make pets of the mobs I will be spending
3 times the mana and be out of mana before the first shrine. I have always prided myself on being mana
conservitive, so much for that idea. I really wouldn't mind the AoE nerf so much if the Devs would fix
the single shot spells As it stands I target a mob and press the button to cast a MM or NCR or SR and I
get a message "You have to face the Mob to caast this spell." Never mind that the mob has moved and is
now behind me beating the heck out of me. So I locate the mob again and try it again and the mob has
moved just after I cast and the mana is gone thins time the mob took no damage. Of course by then I
have to put a hold on a bunch of mobs because his friends have all showed up.

OK enough of that I decided to kill off one of my wizards and roll a Dwarf fighter so I could at least play the
game and not die all the time. I guess as much as I love playing a wizard I was in awe of the fighter as he
is much more powerful then I could ever have imajioned he could be and mine has yet to die even once.
Ofcourse he is only level 3 I just started him a little while ago. I guess I can put my wizards away and just
play a fighter looking for the glory of being a hero.

I know nothing of weapons, for I am a wizard at heart, so my poor fighter will have to hit with the junk my
wizard collected untill he finds something good to hit with.

I have no real desire to join groups with my wizards anymore just to be some fighter's buff bot.
That is not what I joined DDO for. I never try to steal the show from the fighters I always let
them get the highest kill counts so they get their bragging rights. My Firewalls do half the dammage they
did before so the fighters get the last hit to kill the mobs. So that is no problem now. Now they yell out,
"Enhance, Empower, and Extend Impower your firewalls" that would be about 4 times the mana cost to kill
the mobs. I don't think so this wizard is all for the Fighter earning his keep and getting the Hero title by
finishing the mob off.

Azari will be solo testing spells till she can figure out away around the new spell changes.