View Full Version : some ideas for more functional and interesting game play

01-07-2008, 09:29 PM
A while back I posted some of these ideas but looks like they got culled from the forums. I bet many of these pose significant programming challenges so may be too much to ask for...

1. For some of us long quests are too long... designate some shrines as bind points to so a party can pick up where it left off another night.

2. The idea of linear questing is lost in DDO since there really is no grand campaign. Let a toon bind at a point in a quest with one group which may be breaking for the night then call out to run something else (exp could be handed out partially/incrementally). (Give us east coast guys a break!)

3. If DDO decides to have an epic campaign environment (PLEASE) it can use the same tools to let people play in and out of that scenario, perhaps limiting items carried. (Perhaps the biggest hurdle in this game for me is that I have to sacrifice any sense of realm and adventure in order to become an efficient loot hunter. I'd rather play through an engaging story at one level with some friends than crash through a blur of dungeons to grind levels.)

4. Grinding favor is boring. Running around fast is a game playing tool, not something integral to adventuring. Since it is a useful time saver, why make people jump through so many hoops to get it? Doing stuff on normal should be enough. Same for any of the favor related rewards.

5. Similarly I'd like to see Raid favor handled differently. Once you run your first toon up to Raid ready the experience of grinding the next toon to that same point is annoying... I just want to play a different type of character in the same situations to experience it a different way. (Drow favor is attached to an account... Raid "favor" could work the same way.)

6. Repeating the same quests to gain key named loot is boring. A chance that a few level appropriate unique items will drop in any chest seems fair to me. Take 80% of your end items and put them into a pool of randomly dropped named loot, including Muckbane! (Thinking that the shorter the time to get to a chest the less likely it will drop something interesting from the named pool.)

7. The Houses are interesting but the rewards are largely game play and not adventure related. Rewards enable more efficient game play and playing at a level higher than actual (buffs) but you don't get the key to the castle so to speak. There needs to be more content that dips into the game reality to make it more engaging... how about wandering npcs ANYWHERE who may have info for you based on your rank with a House. More content by House and type of class... things that make sense. Then, when playing another class you actually get to engage into something altogether new.

8. If you must have a death penalty, here's an idea. Let the death penalty be something like a timer that locks you out of a quest if you are forced to recall out. On normal, the timer is short, but it worsens for higher settings. This at least simulates the original dnd system (for which dying usually meant your character was out of action for awhile). (And if you insist on monetary penalty, it could be paid to eliminate the timer?)

9. Put in old school Mordenkainen's disjunction traps or casters in dungeon's that drop uber items... minimizing the carrying of prized items and maximizing smart game play.

10. How about putting in "disrupting weapon" spell for clerics!

11. How about making turn undead actually work... you can't seriously expect any cleric to hyper invest in CHR to maximize that turn ability. (Nor should you force dual classing to gain the benefit... defeats the purpose of the ability being clerical.)

12. Be brave (that is don't worry about missed content... my players often change direction forcing me to pick up the pencil to work out a new area). Let rogues find ways to bypass dangerous areas via secret passageways. Make the secret access be randomly located. We don't have to run the empty corridor... it can be teleporter that says... you walk unchallenged in this long abandoned mine.

13. Let there be better use of rogues. (e.g: Quests for bound items that are useful in other quests for which rogues are best suited.)

14. More pack space and more bank space. Or at least more combination items. Perhaps less reliance on special weapon damage to bring things down.

15. Minimize the headaches of gathering pieces of stuff to put together to make something else to turn in to do something else. It's a nuisance as the game is designed. Maybe interesting in a bigger story, but here it's just time consuming road block.

16. And... steads, flying mounts, real dragons that fly and swoop in with fiery death, ships we actually sail on, sea monsters, great stretches of fields where we can build houses, wide spread wizard guilds from which we can teleport (for a price), great forests with ENTs and druids, "no teleport" zones, armies, castles, antipaladins, and so on!