View Full Version : Server Down - Auction House Problems

01-02-2008, 07:10 PM
Server has crashed on Thelanis for the 3rd time today. Just before the 3rd crash, I had purchased a +1 Vicious Maul of Disruption for 100k gold. I had planned to resell it at a tidy profit. Spent the gold and then the server promptly crashed. Logged back in 15 minutes later to find that the Maul had not arrived in my mailbox. Noted that it had not returned to the Auction House. Noted also that my 100k gold was still gone. Started a ticket and received a nice canned response stating that Turbine would not do anything to help as a result of the server issue.

I can imagine that some might try to take advantage of instances like this, but my toons collectively hold about 9000k gold. The amount I lost is a drop in a bucket, but it adds insult to injury.

Be warned. Be cautious of the AH until these issues get resolved!