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01-02-2008, 03:18 PM
I was thinking about the equipment I've been seeing lately and how annoyed I get when I see shields in particular, but armor in general. With the level caps going up and, with them, the influx of new and higher level equipment I was thinking that maybe armor/shields should have some greater variation in their passive abilities.

Just as we have weapons that have abilities that only go off on a critical, passive abilities could only go off on a natural 1 if they were too over-powered... or have low saves or whatever, but some thoughts...

- Stunning armor/shields
- Poison barbed armor/shields
- Slowing armor/shields
- Numbing armor/shields (lowering dex)
- Anti-Magic armor/shields (casting break enchantment on the attacker)

Maybe even add helms into the mix with a lower chance of going off. I mean, as it is now there are VERY few instances where I will be happy to see armor drop that is not mithral. It is worse with shields... much worse. Weapon variation is great, but I am currently pretty happy with the spread we have. The loot pools on weapons are diluted enough to prevent constantly getting uber equipment but not enough to prevent the hope of something cool. Armor and shields... not so much.

01-02-2008, 03:30 PM
I think it is a good idea as well. Most armor, shields and even robes don't have alot of choices. Once you get your +5 mithral fullplate what else is there to get besides rare chance of raid loot. I would be happy to see some new armor add in fact here are a few ideas:

1) reflection/ spell resistance **- when ever anyone fails to beat a spell resistance of ** that comes with this ability the spell cast at you is turned on them.

2) disruption- every time you are hit by an undead there is a chance they are destroyed( similar banishment for elemental and outsiders)

3) self repair- this armor/shield repairs itself over time IN quest

4) absorption- absorb spell and turn the spell level into hitpoints