View Full Version : No WDA (Even to say there's no WDA) this week?

12-31-2007, 03:30 PM
I understand it's a holiday season thing. I would also love to be home instead of working. However I know there are Devs posting so doesn't someone have permission to give an update? Considering Mod 6 is due within the next 3-4 weeks (Assuming you're not going to adjust the deadline again).

12-31-2007, 05:00 PM

Proof = I went to Turbines offices today...the place was real busy. Delivery guys kept walking in and out with bottles of unknown beverages and boxes of oddly shaped paper hats, neon colored shades and these weird looking "?pipes?".

They did not notice when I walked in, so I decided to have a look around. Pretty standard office space save but for 3 doors that looked different.

1st door had slime seeping from under it and there was a strange bubbling burping noise coming from the other side. need less to say I was not going in there.

2nd door was slightly cracked open with a loud snoring sound coming from it. Inside was a large man asleep on the floor with a stack of papers covering his face. The cover sheet said WDA on it. There was also a large calender on the wall. 3 months were visible, December, every day of that month had a number 6 written in ink and crossed out twice in pencil. January had a bunch of sixs similiarly written and crossed out. February was empty save for a dart that had been thrown at it and was hanging loosely on the 4th. It didnt make much sense until a delivery guy pushed past me holding a box that said do not open till MOD 6.

The 3rd door may have been the strangest of all because it was a very large room, stacked with chairs of all shapes and sizes. Literally thousands of them. Then I realized these were the only chairs I had seen since I walked in the place. I looked around and saw a receptionist sitting on the floor......a few guys sitting on their desks and 2 more standing in a corner talking to themselves.

The place was just too weird so I hot-footed outta there.

But there you have it. MOD 6 in Feb....the dart says it all.

12-31-2007, 05:04 PM
lol nice i liked that one, made me laugh.

12-31-2007, 05:07 PM
Here ya go, there's no WDA this week. :D

12-31-2007, 05:30 PM
Here ya go, there's no WDA this week. :D

If you were a licensed Turbine representative that'd be good enough for me. unfortunatly you're as much of a nobody gamer as I am. I still love ya though. ;)

12-31-2007, 05:34 PM
Just trying to help.:D

Actually I'll bet one comes out say Wednesday or Thursday. Hint Hint