View Full Version : Warforged LVL 7 Barbarian Question?...

12-30-2007, 10:08 PM
Hey guys! Looking 4 some advise regarding leveling up...

First here is my stats;

Warforged Barbarian (caotic neutral)

STR 20+5
DEX 18+4
CON 18+4
INT 8-1
WIS 12+1
cha 7-2

Specializing in 2 handed fighting. Likes to do as much solo content
as possible in between group quests.

I was wondering if I should take a lvl of Wizard at 8? Mainly for the
self healing capability. And then continue on with barb lvl's. Perhaps
a lvl of fighter?

Furthermore, By taking the lvl of wizard what would I be losing in
comparison to straight barb? Is it worth saving $ on pots? etc...

Thanks in advance for the help.

12-31-2007, 01:36 AM
Personally, with the level cap raising I feel you may do ok splashing another level in, and if it was me, ease of self-healing wins out, wiz.

01-02-2008, 02:08 PM
I had to reroll my barbarian 3 times to get splashing a level of caster right. I wound up going 12 Barb/2 Sorc. I figured the extra level would give me 3 1st level spells and more spell points (since I really only need to cast 1 spell). I want to plan it out from the beginning and put enough into Cha to be able to cast 1st level spells (Cha=11). The biggest thing I gave up is the second level of the Improved Crit Enhancement. This means that my crit range is extended by 1, but I cannot extend it by two until the cap goes to 16. With that imminent, I see no drawback. What I might do differently (if I had to do it over again) would be to take 1 level of Wizard and the second Barb, no Sorc and just wand whip. At this level, the repair light does nothing to my 386 base HP. I buy all the repair crit wands I can off the AH, and us those. Therefore, being able to cast is insignificant.