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12-29-2007, 08:12 PM
So I want to take advantage of the new ranger enhancements and create a somewhat unique build, but would like to know how viable the build would be at level 16 (I mainly build with an eye towards end game content).

Drow Ranger 6 (DW Sniper)/ Bard 10 (Virtuoso)

Starting stats:

Str 14 (20 w/+6 item)
Dex 17 (32 w/+2 rngr, +2 drow, +4 lvl up, +6 item, +1 tome)
Con 12 (18 w/+6 item)
Int 10
Wis 10
Cha 16(24 w/+6 item, +2 bard)

All stat points during leveling would go into Dex. I do have access to +1 tomes, but +2 tomes will not be considered as I hate grinding to 1750 and I doubt my loot luck would turn one up in a chest.

Those stats are off the top of my head but I think they work out right, or nearly so. Obviously hp is going to be the big weakness of this build, but he won't be tanking much and will rely a lot on displacement and stoneskin wands for protection. I debated going warchanter but that requires two feats that really aren't necessary for a ranged specialist, power attack and wf:melee of some type. I figure virtuoso works well as he can specialize in fascinate cc as well as ranged combat.

Feats would be:

PB shot
WF Ranged
SF: Perform (to save ap otherwise needed to qualify for Virtuoso)
IC: Ranged
Extend spell
Precise Shot

So I would focus on buffing spells, and see my role as a utility ranged character who can fascinate anything and do some decent ranged damage, as well as heal when needed. What does everyone think? Would this work out well? I considered going Elf instead of drow, but the stats work better with the drow bonuses than a 32 pt elf.

01-03-2008, 05:47 AM
SF: Perform (to save ap otherwise needed to qualify for Virtuoso)

I can tell you this won't work, if it says you need Bard Skill: Perform II (for example), you need that enhancement. If you are taking it to get your Perform up for specific Bard abilities, that won't work either. If you are taking it to up your Bard skill for Fascinate, don't bother, there is no save.

Also, I would put those levels ups into Cha, with your songs (and other buffs), you won't need the extra to hit as much as Spell DC.

01-03-2008, 02:37 PM
As I understand it there are several routes to qualify for Virtuoso.

Either take up to extra song IV and perform II which is a big AP commitment, or take the SF perform feat (or negotiator) and then you only need to take perform II, and Extra song II to qualify for Virtuoso. Basically I was thinking of sacrificing a feat to free up more enhancement APs as the build requires a heavy AP commitment to get both DW Sniper and Virtuoso.

Basically all the CC from this character would be via his songs and spells would all be buff focused, thereby not requiring a high DC nor Cha, but a somewhat higher Cha might be nice as you may be able to hit just fine with a lower Dex, not sure there really.