View Full Version : Anyone remember the Singing Survivor?

12-25-2007, 06:47 AM
This was a multiclass build, mostly bard, with rogue and ( I think ) fighter added in.

Sort of a jack of all Trades (rogue skills, sotr, buffs, twf, etc) and was around when the cap was lvl 10 (and the human skill enhancement wasnt nerfed lol )

I guess the build has been deleted from the forums as being unworkable with the current state of DDO, and I deleted mine, sadly, a long while ago. But I was remembering how much fun I had with that toon, and was wondering.....does anyone have the progression for this build written down somewhere?
And if so, is there a build-guru that could make it work with the current Mod?

I understand that this toon would be considered gimped by most folks, but I was planning on using him as a solo/messing around type toon so I dont really mind.

If anyone remembers the build, please come forward!