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12-24-2007, 08:18 AM
Lockable Quick Bars
More Wall Spells - Cold / Force / Blades etc..
"Enemies" List or Easy Access to the Squelch List via GUI
Gnomes, Half Orcs and Half Elves (In this order!)
Way to easily export character info / configuration / including ub3r l3wtz
Random Puzzles (Rotating Floors, Dials to Turn etc...)
No more re-prep for Dragon and DQ
Fix the Twilight Forge so people can't bypass the puzzles. (How about entering a security tunnel with the wrong color stone = instant disentigration? :eek: )
Higher chance loot drop on ALL RAIDS on Hard and Elite
Level 3 Faction Rewards!

12-24-2007, 08:54 AM
Is for people to start appreciating what they have and quit the greedy-nes that has become a small fraction of this community. This is a game, a game that I enjoy. Could it use some more content, yes, more races, yes, and other things that have been listed above, sure. The idea of getting all we want and then being happy and content is impossible. I say that because as soon as they fulfill all our wants, we will have ten more to replace them with. This game is created by humans which means its going to be flawed no matter how great you think your ideas are, someone will always have a counterpoint to you.
New stuff is coming out,,,,,,as fast as we would like? Well no, but will it ever be fast enough for everyone. I guess my point of this is to be thankful for what you have b/c some will never have the opportunity to try this game out or any other game for that matter. My opinion is for turbine to say hell with development for this month, take that development $ and donate it to a charity. There are more important things out there than the in-game world.
That is my opinion even though no-one asked for it…flame away.

Fattiest/Mongler- Thelanis/Xoriat

PS- No offence intended Muykul.