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12-23-2007, 04:31 AM
Why are the melees calling for a nerf to everyone but them?

Why are the casters rebutting them with a request for a melee nerf?

Why are the rogues not caring?

Why are the paladins being ignored as a non melee class?

Why are my walls white?

Why is the sky blue?

Why is there a cup of cocoa on my desk?

Why does fish taste fishy?

Why do I have toes?

Watch the blue bar folks... that blue bar is finite. Your greataxe is infinite. Once casters run out, they die horribly, unable to stop the onslaught. Once your axe breaks you grab another and swing away, long after casters have been torn apart.

Glass Cannon. They hit REALLY HARD but are oh so very fragile. Once they are depleted, they flee to resupply. Tactical nuking.

Dwarven Defender. They don't hit very hard, but they are impossible to bypass short of killing them. The ultimate tank.

Devout Paladin. They are the temporary cleric that can survive on the front line and provide specialized aid to their party members. They are the perfect cover for the brazen barbarians.

Favored One... I dunno yet(I want to see this in action).

Spoon. Can be used to pry, cut, dig, tear, stab, lift, lever, twist, and divert just about anything... the ultimate tool. Spoon. Great Spoons come in Dwarf size and Warforge size only.

I seriously want the "ZOMG NERF PLZ!!!" threads to stop(except on certain things like the Black Abbott).

As for "PvP" I have seen very few truly enter into a PvP arena. Most call brawling "PvP"(which it is clearly NOT), and they complain about how unbalanced things are. These classes are not built to be balanced against one another. This is a team game only. Certain parts of certain classes complement the party, and when working as a team, the party balances. No individual character is balanced with any other, and as this is D&D, it rightly should never be. I have had enough of these trolls and children gallavanting around the forums as if they were always right and everyone else is wrong. This is DDO, not Balances'Я'Us.

The point of the game is enjoyment. Enjoy it. Have fun. If you aren't having fun, maybe it's time you went and played a different MMO:

12-23-2007, 09:52 AM
I've played "Outside" *and* "IRL". Sure, they say there's no monthly fee, but they hit you with hidden cost after hidden cost after hidden cost...

12-23-2007, 10:11 AM
I love that: Fully PvP.

That is all.

12-23-2007, 02:37 PM
and the respawns are real nasty. Mine have this codeword they use, "Daddy," that they spam constantly. Its usually followed by some sort of compulsion effect, such as "can i have some juice," or "i need to go potty."

12-23-2007, 02:56 PM
I've played "Outside" *and* "IRL". Sure, they say there's no monthly fee, but they hit you with hidden cost after hidden cost after hidden cost...

They switched out those fees, it's all item mall based now.

12-24-2007, 03:44 AM
The best part is: No introductory fees! You can start playing right away!

12-24-2007, 11:52 AM
The Level up fees are atrocious...

went to see my Engineer trainer at MIT. I took my level and then, took me 5 years to pay that thing off!!! I had the XP for the next level as well... but had to move to that server "Australia" Where the devs are Really Really nice with the HECS/Level up fees. but they had to Stick an "R" in front of "MIT".... but it works ;)