View Full Version : Character Slots!!

12-23-2007, 02:21 AM
With the last Mod we where given extra character slots.
Those of us who had are 1750 before a certain time where uped to 10 while the rest where uped to nine with the proper favor of course.
Well have rolled and rerolled that 10th slot many times finally found a build I liked and kept it.
A few of us in my guild decided we wanted to try out permadeath.
Had a capped rogue that I never play anymore so decided would delete her and use the 10th slot that have had since the begining of the last MOD to roll it up on.
Make a long story short deleted and my create button didn't appear.
If I wasn't supposed to have the 10th slot then why did all my guildies in the same boat get there 10th slot and why have I had it since the last MOD. Devs did say in the past we would never lose that extra slot.
Is it a bug where ya delete an older character or something?
So am I bugged or what can I do to get this slot back .
Thank you for any help you can give this matter.
I am not whining just asking for something back that have had since the last MOD and all my guildies have had since last MOD.